Cease And Desist Issued Over Mass Effect 3 Leak

Yesterday we reported that some lucky gamers had gotten hold of a fairly complete build of Mass Effect 3 through a slip-up by Microsoft.  The build had gone out to those signed up for the new Dashboard program, rather than carefully selected individuals.

Most of the information that came from the leak, including images and videos (and not to mention heavy spoilers) was collected on a thread on NeoGAF, a thread that yesterday evening suddenly vanished into thin air.


It transpired that, after hours of forum members thinking it was EA/BioWare that had demanded the thread be removed, it was actually Microsoft who had issued the Cease and Desist.

Their grounds appear to be based around the NDA – anyone using the new Dashboard is governed by a strict non-disclosure agreement which we assume Microsoft are saying includes the games on the Dashboard, and, thus, Mass Effect 3.

Anyone taking photos or posting spoilers was breaking the NDA.

There’s now a huge thread on the same site discussing the C&D, which at the time of publication is up at around 1,700 replies.  Bungie’s Luke Smith was quick to comment on Twitter when the thread was removed.   “Really, a Cease and Desist to NeoGAF, really?” he said, “Totally JV.” [Junior Varsity]

“We’ve gone through this sort of thing hundreds of times,” said NeoGAF site administrator EviLore, “and sometimes action is taken and sometimes it isn’t, based on the circumstances, but it’s dealt with internally.  It’s handled in an informed manner in the best interests of the site on a case by case basis and is not up for debate or pending approval of a committee”

It also looks like the Russian site that did a lot of the data mining (to find most of the secrets, including the ending) also had some content removed.



  1. Really a case of shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. Sure MS can go for the big sites and tell them to stop but there are hundreds of other sites that will have the information now.

  2. Ha! Microsoft probably didn’t have much choice but to try doing this, EA and Bioware would have had lawyers raining emails of death upon their sorry asses for this. Really stupid mistake, I just hope this means I won’t accidentally run into any major spoilers.

  3. Let people publish what they want. If they’re that desperate to find the story out that they’ll read it on a forum then they’re probably obsessed enough with ME to buy the third when it’s released anyway.

  4. Remember all those times where companies C&D’d websites for story leaks, game leaks, beta leaks etc which were under NDA?

    Oh no that’s because it never happens. Why has it happened this time?

  5. yeah, good luck trying to stick that genie back in the bottle. o_O

  6. Well thats a f*** up and a half. Damn, I feel sorry for whoever put it up there.

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