Dead Island Getting Fixed Tomorrow

Dead Island developer Techland is gearing up to launch a long-awaited remedial patch for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version of the game this week. Since its release in early September Dead Island has come under fire as a number of users have been encountering various glitches and bugs, some players reporting that their save data had been corrupted and that trophies/achievement would not unlock even after meeting the set criteria.

Unfortunately I am one such member of the Dead Island playerbase. After racking innumerable kills and spending at least 12 hours questing in Banoi, my save data went kaput, loading me into chapters of the game I had already beaten, also holding back various trophies which I had unlocked. Many will complain that it has taken so long to make Dead Island safe to play, but what has concerned users more is the delayed Bloodbath Arena content that was promised after launch. With the game “fixed” it shouldn’t be long before we see the DLC but there is no official word from Techland as of yet. For a full list of patch notes check below:


Gameplay improvements

  • Level cap raised to 60
  • New blueprints for weapon mods added
  • Infected damage reduced
  • Infected no longer interrupt player attacks
  • A series of improvements to subsequent playthroughs implemented:
  • quest XP rewards adjusted
  • XP rewards for challenges adjusted
  • in subsequent playthroughs XP is awarded for all quests completed in co-op
  • Purna’s ammo carrying capacity increased by 50%
  • Character state from a save game can now be loaded when using the Start from Chapter option
  • New balancing option added: enemy levels can now be adjusted independently for each co-op player
  • Players respawn with more health
  • Picklock skill level required to open a lock is now clearly indicated
  • Improved rewards in weapon crates
  • All weapon crates now contain rewards
  • Kick ability balanced, now requires stamina
  • Items can now be picked up instantly; this is reflected in adjusted animations

Fixes and interface improvements

  • Fix: players are no longer left without a weapon after dropping the equipped item and healing with a medkit.
  • Fix: equipped items no longer swap mysteriously after drinking an energy drink
  • Tweak: healing with medkits from inventory works better, makes smarter choices of medkits
  • Fix: loot from dead enemies is now always identical for all co-op players
  • Fix: Purna no longer finishes her Fury with fists equipped
  • Fix: map tracking after death
  • Fix: zone info in the quarantine zone (City of Moresby)
  • Tweak: respawn point selection is now smarter


  • Improved stability and network performance in co-op
  • Quest and reward fixes implemented
Source: Eurogamer


  1. Guess it’s time to unwrap it from the seal then :)

    Seriously though, about freaking time.

  2. Cool. Not played it in a long while. Coop seemed to be screwed for most. Good a reason as any to pop it back in the drive.

  3. The new blue prints thing is a little annoying, since this patch has come pretty late. I mean, I’ve been everywhere and can’t really be bothered to search the whole island for a few more…unless they are awesome!! Guess it’s good for some people, and for New Game+

    I hope they’ve fixed it so I can get back in the abandoned house to place the purple skull for my developer mod!

  4. Two months after release…

  5. I played through and platinumed this with no issues whatsoever. I avoided online until the 2nd patch was released, and avoided hoarding items (which seems to be the major cause of save corruption).
    According to Techland’s facebook page, the DLC is due for release mid november, but I’ll believe that when I see it.

    • Yea i also platinumed the game myself, didn’t come across many glitches or bugs, the only one that really pissed me off was some of the trophies not popping on the PS3 even when the games trophy progress said it was unlocked, got them all eventually!

      Had no problem with the co-op, really enjoyed it and met some cool people during it.

  6. Gah! Kicking requires stamina… it was so much fun kicking them in the goolies!

  7. What!?! I can no longer kick my enimies to death, damn!

  8. I’m yet to come across any bugs yet, apart from the initial ones before patch, and I’m about 10hours in. Kicking requiring stamina is going to be really annoying! Least they have made the infected less of a threat.

  9. Now would be a good tine to pick it up on the cheap then.

  10. That’s a great fix-up list. Now to wait until it’s $20. :)

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