New Ridge Racer Vita Screenshots Released

A handful of screens for Ridge Racer on the Vita have been released, and they are certainly looking good. The Vita seems to get more tempting by the day, so if anyone has a spare £230 they can lend me that would be amazing.

I’ll totally pay you back.*


*Warning, I won’t pay you back



  1. That is looking pretty swish!

  2. Riiiiiidge Racer!!

    Already played it on the 3DS which was great, you just can’t enough of it >.>

  3. Cars look amazing. Very excited.

  4. I really shouldn’t keep looking at these Vita games, but they do look very tempting……

  5. I was looking forward to this until the UI hinted that this was a RR7 port, and by the looks of these images it doesn’t really suggest anything different. Why can’t they make something as awesome and fresh as RR5?!?! T_T.

  6. The cars look better than the GT5 standard cars. :P
    I’m really liking the Vita line up so far.

  7. the more i see from the vita, the more i convince myself that’s it’s a day one purchase for me. now i just need to convince the misses…

  8. Wait, just read that this isn’t 60fps. Oh well, no buy.

    • Why not? I figure as long as the frame rate is steady and preferably locked, it doesn’t matter if it’s 60 or 30 does it? Maybe there’s something I don’t know..

      • 60fps is the core of ridge racer :(

      • oh, right, okay. Still a bit confused but never mind..

  9. Will probably get this but when depends if it needs a mem card. If it does I’ll wait until the cards get a bit cheaper, unless there’s a Vita bundle with card like the USA.

  10. Screens 6 and 7 might be a little tricky to play with.. :P Looks good though, still not sure if i have the monies for vita though..

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