Uncharted 3 Patch Incoming?

It seems a lot of people aren’t happy with the gunplay in Uncharted 3, heading to the forums to register their concerns.

Naughty Dog is listening though, and on Friday invited two fans in to talk through the issue with the game’s designers.


One of the fans who attended had the following to say:

“First off, the guys at ND were totally awesome and seemed to be fully genuine in wanting to get a fix together as soon as possible.

I sat down and played with a couple tweaked versions of the new controls, and they were definitely more in line with the MP and UC2. They seem to have fixed much of the dead zone problems, and are adjusting the sensitivity so you can go even higher than what 100 per cent is now.

They were literally making changes ON THE FLY as we played, and asking us what we thought of them. They would tweak things like sticky radius, sensitivity, etc.

Also, they mentioned motion blur is definitely getting fixed for SP. Very cool. They mentioned more about a patch coming out very soon, but again, Arne has told me not to give anything more specific away.”

Great news about the motion blur.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. I got sick of playing this soon after arriving in the desert so hopefully this will make me want to play it again. Personally my major gripe is with how tank the enemies are (and Drake too for that matter). It’s just ridiculous and completely kills it for me. What it this, 1998? There are better ways of making the combat challenging *cough – Deus Ex – cough* and the gameplay really needs to catch up with the quality the rest of the game positively oozes.

    • Play on Crushing. Drake is definately not a tank on that difficulty I assure you… ;)

      • Wouldn’t that make the enemies even more tank, or does it just change Drake?

        I never played UC2 on crushing so don’t know what to expect from it.

      • Fortunately enemies seem take the same amount of bullets to drop, they are just more accurate and damaging. You should be able to drop most enemies with about 4 shots (headies of course) and maybe a clip to the ones wearing head armour.

      • This also bothered me. While I’m glad I don’t have to reload every time I catch a bullet or two, it’s still annoying that armored enemies can take a full clip to the head before dropping dead. I know, it adds difficulty to the game and poses a different challenge than just throwing waves of normal enemies at you but it sometimes seems a little over the top in this case.

        What exactly is the problem with motion blur?

      • @ R4U

        Are you kidding – I emptied an entire AK47 clip into one enemy’s FACE on Crushing and all that happened was his wooly hat came off!

      • Lol, I must be playing a different game then as, while Crushing was tricky due to the amount of damage the enemies give, it was certainly managable. Can’t say I used the AK much however, the Kal is definately the way to go :)

      • It’s certainly manageable, but for me the “bullet sponge baddies” was one of the few things that ruined the suspension of disbelief that the rest of the game so expertly crafts.

        I was delighted early in the game when bad guys dropped after a couple of centre mass pistol rounds. A few levels later though and it seems long term lead poisoning is Drake’s greatest weapon against the enemy, which just seemed weak.

        Don’t get me wrong though, it’s one of my favourite games so far this generation and a new, ludicrously high, benchmark in action adventure games in my opinion.

  2. Apart from the constant freezing of my PS3, the missing textures, the framerate stuttering, missing audio and bugged desert level when I was literally walking around in the vast desert doing f**k all for 15 minutes, this game is great.

    • Wow. I know I just complained rather alot but I must say I never ran into the slightest technical issue, other than one time I stuck my head through a cave ceiling – but I was being a fool anyway so that was mostly me. It really has worked like a charm, weird that our experiences should differ so greatly.

      • I only encountered one glitch and that was during the very first fight scene where I hit a guy and he propelled inside a cupboard. It was funny because his head popped out at the top but experiencing such a glitch at the very beginning of a new AAA game can be a downer.

      • I’ve had a few glitches and bugs, and only one crash so far. but apart from that it’s been all good. Good patch though as the aiming is slightly off on MP and also SP.

      • For me Chloe got stuck on a corner once when she was supposed to open the door and I had to go back and “unstuck” her :P

        Also in one of the stealth parts I killed all the enemies and Charlie wouldn’t freakin’ move so I had to make some noise to get the remainder of the enemies out and kill them to proceed.

      • I’ve had a couple of glitches, but nothing too terrible. In one fight scene I managed to fall through a cave wall after dodging an attack, and in a cut scene in the early stages of the game Sully managed to appear out of thin air, but other than that I’ve had no problems. I’m borrowing the game off a mate, and from asking him he hasn’t experienced the issues I had, so I guess the occurrences are circumstantial.

    • We dont tolerate fanboy nonsesne here. Continuing with these sort of comments will result in a ban. [AG].

  3. I am loving the story and adventure so far, just got to the plane. But the bullet sponges are annoying the hell out of me. Glad they are going to fix the aim. I snuck up on a guard and wanted to use my silenced pistol, took me a good few seconds to get the crosshair on his head

  4. Not had any major issues playing SP through to completion apart from one lock up (not really going to count major hanging on the end credits!) but yes, aiming is not as slick as UC2 and there are a few niggles that make UC2 seem more solid. But given the scale of UC3 and this show of support its still my top game this year by far. May hold off on further playthroughs of SP until the patch hits and stick to MP, certainly before I tackle crushing.

  5. had some lock ups in the bit where drake and sully are shooting padlocks in a catacomb.was trying to load the cut scene but all i got was a blank screen.
    several resets later it marched on..
    cheers for the patch naughty dog but I’ve finished it and yes there were some aiming issues on the whole a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

  6. Good news for me I guess since I’ve put this aside for Christmas – damn my wife knows what I like – so my experience will be even better post patch! :)

  7. ND always listen to their fans. They’ll solve all those small issues.
    Absolute amazing game.

  8. Definitely an amazing game and will be nice to see any fixes to the aiming, which currently feels a bit PS2, it certainly doesn’t have the fluid accuracy of Deus Ex or COD.

  9. Completed normal mode last night and have to say I far preferred Amongst Thieves in terms of story and gameplay. I didnt not enjoy Drakes Deception, but I did come across lots of little bugs – pauses in music, sound levels, and some rather unsmooth animations – which did spoil it a little. Great game overall and the gameplay issues can all be sorted with a patch I expect. Still I think the story misses something that made Uncharted 2 so brilliant, and had me literally almost in tears at the end of my first playthrough.

    • Agreed, something just doesn’t seem quite “there” with the story and I can’t quite place my finger on it, though I thought the whole final act was a little lacking. Couldn’t help but get the impression that deadlines impacted on the story, as it felt rushed and incomplete towards the end, as if lots of stuff hit the cutting room floor due to time constraints.

      • Yeah, the ending seemed kind of rushed. I thought something else was gonna happen then *DING!* ‘Charted! – Normal’. Oh. Also there seemed to be stories hinted at which never seemed to be explained, though I wont discuss here for fear of spoilers. I do think that convo between Drake and the antagonist will be key to the Vita title, like the God of War titles did between consoles.

        The acting was of course brilliant as usual, best in gaming. I think the writers didnt build relationships as well as they could have though.

    • The storyline was pretty much the only thing I found a bit lacking in Uncharted3. The actual dialogue between the characters was still spot-on and “that bit” towards the end was a nice twist but yeah, if it wasn’t for the terrific pacing and set pieces, I would have felt disappointed with the campaign this time around.

  10. Seems ok for me. I can’t really fault the game, seems perfect :P

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