All-New VidZone Out Today

I’ll be honest; I never really use my PS3 for anything other than games. There are those, however, who take full advantage of the multimedia services on offer, and they will be pleased to hear that the all-new VidZone launches today. For those who don’t know, VidZone is a free music video streaming service.

Brand new features available include:

  • Zones: Instead of browsing through thousands of videos, uses can go straight to a Zone that suits them most. Zones categorise music videos by genre or theme and direct users to the type of videos they want to see the most – making is easier and more fun to discover new videos or artists – Rock Zone, Pop Zone, Hip-Hop Zone, Party Zone or Live Zone are just a few examples.
  • My Zone: Create a completely customized experience with the new My Zone feature.  Music video lovers can add all their favourite playlists or TV channels and start building a library of only the music videos they love the most – then jump straight into the content from the VidZone home screen.
  • V-Mix: This smart playlist generator will play music videos by artists similar to what the user is watching at that time.
  • Social Connectivity: Confessing your love for a music video is simple.  With Facebook integration users can share all their recommendations with their friends and with a few simple clicks they can invite PSN friends to join them in VidZone just as easily.
  • Optimised Search: Completely updated, VidZone now offers up-front shortcuts to the most popular content, as well as a redesigned search function including ‘similar artist’ functionality that makes finding videos quick and easy. Brand new progressive search instantly displays results of artists / videos by just typing a few letters. The more letters typed, the more defined the search.

Source: Press Release



  1. Haven’t used Vodafone since it was launched really. Too slow and not very user friendly. This might mean I give it another shot though

    • Vodafone ? o_O

      • Was just going to mention that, you beat me to it.

    • Damn that iOS/random phone…. thing

    • haha good old autocorrect. You knew what I meant lol

  2. I used VidZone when it was first available but haven’t used it since, will check out the new features though.

  3. One of the best things on PS3, your own customised MTV – what’s not to love?

    • The Freaking loud commercials but hey we can’t have everything.

      • thats true, thats why I don’t use it to be honest. Its a great idea, but the adverts are annoying.

      • I had it on for an hour at the weekend, not one single ad.

      • I know because of the Ad’s its free and they are considerably less than you would get on your TV music channel but if they could just drop the volume a little I wouldn’t have to leap for the remote every time.

    • Meeeetal >.<

      and usual complaints of commerical b****** that follows about promo videos.

    • The awful text inputting system which put me off bothering ever since (unless it’s changed). Oh, and youtube.. but that’s just me.

  4. Good to hear they are still improving it, best get updating that drinking/going out playlist then.

  5. Nice one, I use this as a pre-drinking thing and it works well and it looks like it will be much easier with the zones addition.

  6. Brilliant, I use vidzone quite a bit for when we have friends round, I find it better than putting on a music channel and then let everyone in the room pick the songs and choose the playlist, as opposed to scrolling up and down the music channels to try and find a song that’s just about bearable

  7. I use VidZone at least once a week, im liking the new feature, specially the improved search!

  8. The last time I used it, the whole interface was messed up.. haven’t used it since.

  9. Have they improved the look of the UI? Cos quite frankly, it looks a mess.

    • Nope, not unless it changes in the update.

  10. i only use the “on demand” area which cuts out all the chart rubbish and i can make huge playlists of vids i like. passes the odd hour or two.

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