No Local Co-op For Mass Effect 3

It has emerged that splitscreen and LAN co-op will not be present in BioWare’s upcoming sci-fi shooter, Mass Effect 3.

In an interview on the BioWare Blog, Mass Effect 3 producer Jesse Houston confirmed that local co-op wasn’t something that was being implemented in the title. Don’t despair though – Houston did say that “it is definitely on the table as something we might add,” which at least offers a glimmer of hope that one day you might be able to shoot some Geth with a buddy sitting right next to you.


In the same interview, Houston also confirmed that Mass Effect 3 PC will require a one-time internet check when you first launch the game. Once you have authorised your copy you’re free to play the game offline as much as you want – draconian DRM this ain’t.

Finally, the new Kinect functionality for Mass Effect 3 demoed at E3 won’t be included in multiplayer because it would be pretty stupid if it were.

Source: Bioware Blog




  1. Lame. *cartman-voice*
    I wish devs would realize that gamers do have friends that live within driving range of each other and don’t always want to play online when they could be sitting right next to each other while having a blast. Uncharted 3 splitscreen was a blast and I’m sure I wouldn’t have had as much fun if my friend wasn’t sitting next to me.

    • Agreed, can it really be that much harder to implement?

      I love having the option for lan games, back at boarding school we used to have ridiculous fun with Command and Conquer: Generals using the hostel network when they turned net access off.

  2. I can take it or leave it tbh.

    Although, i can kinda see why they would prefer online, as not only will each player get a full screen to play on, but it will also require an online pass.

    I have to admit though, whilst i do like co-op, i do appreciate having a full screen to look at rather than either the top or the left/right only.

    • Because TVs have gotten smaller since the ps2 era when no one cared?

      • Oh Snap! You show ’em, sista!

      • It’s got nothing to do with the size of the TV, it’s the fact that you are still only looking at a part of the screen rather than the whole thing.

  3. yeah, can’t tie local multiplayer to a pass can they?

    actually, it’s probably only a matter of time.

  4. this cuts me deep

  5. After ME2 being one of my favourite games ever, I’m becoming more disinterested by ME3 with every passing piece of news. From one of my most anticipated games next year, It’s already moved down to a feeling of “I’ll buy it when it’s cheaper”. Sad really, on both my part and the industry.

    • Same here, ME2 was also one of my top gaming experiences ever and i was really excited for ME3 but i’m not really feeling it anymore. Such a shame that even the cream of the sp game experiences are being tarnished by online shenanigans. Unless Bioware can get me excited about the game again i will also wait for a discount.

  6. No reason for there not to be a Lan mode unless the whole things been cooked up to make a quick buck from a tacked on coop mode with an online pass.
    Not wanting to seem wholly cynical in every post i make on this site i will say i’m sure thats not the case,i’m positive they’ve not removed any itemization from the campaign just to cobble together a shoddy horde mode.

  7. Well that sucks.

  8. Such greatness wasted.

  9. i just pray it wont force us to use imo one of the biggest mistakes in gaming history origin, has ruined bf3 for me :(

  10. So you are pretty much effed if you get the PC version and can’t access the net. :-(

    I wonder if EA will allow Steam to sell it or if they will force people to use Origin, do a monkeyflip, take them out to lunch and then give them a few quid?

    Anyway, if i see the words online pass and local co-op tie in together, i won’t be happy as that will defeat the point of it. ;)

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