Rumour: Next Xbox Is Codenamed ‘Ten’, Out 2012

According to the latest Windows Weekly podcast, the next console from Microsoft under the Xbox brand is codenamed ‘ten’, and is expected ‘holiday 2012’ – about twelve months from now.

The podcast is hosted by one Leo Laporte but it’s Paul Thurrott that’s talking about Ten – he writes lots for Windows-based publications and, you’d imagine, knows lots of folk that know other folk…


Of course, this could be complete nonsense, or something as simple as an Xbox revision, but we’ve heard sillier rumours (‘Xbox Loop’, anyone) over the last few months.  Industry chatter currently pins the successor to the 360 at around about 2013-14.

If – if – this is anything like true, what happens to Halo 4, which was originally scheduled for the same time period for the current Xbox 360…?

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  1. interesting. I think it would make good timing for Microsoft personally. Perhaps Halo is being made for the next console?

    • No on the MS Halo site, it says Platform: Xbox 360.

  2. ‘ten’ seems a bit random doesn’t it? And I wouldn’t expect anything until at least 2013 tbh

    • Halo 10 confirmed to exist within the life cycle of the Xbox Loop.

    • but in Roman numerals 10 is X

      • 10box 360 anyone?

      • So it’s an Xbox X, which if you say quickly enough… well try it yourself over and over.

      • Three times X. Pretty clear what market any new features are going to be aimed at.

  3. Well, IF it’s true I’d imagine that they would make the game multiplatform, or at least maybe the new Xbox will be able to play the previous 360 games etc.

  4. Timeline:

    E3 2012: WiiU fully revealed. Microsoft steals thunder by announcing new Xbox in the works.

    Holiday Season 2012: Big push of Halo 4/Xbox 360 combo deals to start shifting stock. Halo 4 will be a massive success.

    E3 2013: By now, next Xbox fully shown, release date for Winter 2013 given.

    That is my prediction anyway.

    • Quite sound, but I’d imagine Microsoft will want to keep it under wraps as long as possible so to keep 360 sales high. So I think they will leave any official announcement to roughly 3 months before release (Probably an E3 announcement with a holiday season release).

      • That’s what I suspect. While I’d love to see a new major console release in 2012 it would make sense that (even if it’s going to be 2013) the reveal will be at E3 and the launch around the holiday season.
        I just hope they don’t take as long as 2014. That would be too late in my opinion. If they really already have dev tools out there at major studios then the hardware that they have planned will probably be outdated by the time of the actual release.

    • I think you’ve missed Sony’s contribution.

      E3 2012 release concept art of the PS4, announce some outlandish feature that’s never going to make it into production (2 HDMI ports anyone?) Then sit on the product for a couple of years until finally releasing a year later than the Xbox at double the price, and only in Japan/USA. Not that I’m bitter or anything :)

      • True, because Europe is not an important market to Sony at least not Playstation view things. Europe is chore for Playstation something rather not bother with.

        I have the inside scope for you. The next Playstation, the PS4 will have 3 custom chip’s which have been codenamed Agnus, Denise, and Paula. You know it all true ie it’s a true lie.

  5. Trying to think back, did they ever say Xbox 360 in that Halo 4 announce? If that’s a launch title Microsoft will sell a freakish amount.

    However Holiday 2012 seems too quick between announce and release for me.

    • No, I picked up on that. However, as stated above Xbox 360 is the only named format for Halo 4.

  6. Seems like a perfect time to release a new console.

  7. Christmas 2012 for ‘Ten’ (the new xbox) and then perhaps a new ‘Loop’ model in 2013/14 which fixes ‘Ten’s RLOD issues, adds an HDMI port and a hard drive?

  8. Any chance that Microsoft could be going for a slice of the portable pie, to go against the Vita or the 3DS?

    • I doubt it. The handheld market isn’t stable enough for another company to branch into it. Look at the Panasonic Jungle. Announced as a MMO handheld. Cancelled within a few months.

      • Ah, fair enough. And now I have an image of a jungle comprised on stacks of 3DO’s and old VHS recorders, CRT tellys and SCART leads hung like vines.

      • I think Sony are being very brave releasing the Vita TBH, but I suppose they understand the JPN market better than I do.

        Can’t see MS joining in, not enough room.

    • Well…. another wouldn’t be great, I think twos just enough!

  9. I’d love for next Gen to arrive next year to get us out of the technological rut we’re in. Nothing wrong with where we are I just don’t like to see progression stifled for financial reasons. I expect the successors to release in 2013 though.

  10. Well maybe its a surprise reveal, AND maybe it just goes for both platforms? That would be kind, and that would show why Ten is better.

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