WOW Memberships Fall By Another 800,000

It has been revealed that the total number of subscribers plugged into Blizzard’s MMO powerhouse has declined by 1.7 million since last October.

With the third expansion, Cataclysm, came a new wave of hype, the population of Azeroth bulging to an all-time high of 12 million before sinking at the beginning of the year and then again by 800,000 between June and September 2011 to a new figure of 10.3 million.


Blizzard believes one of the biggest constituting factors is a drop in Eastern support, China alone making up over half of the game’s playerbase. However the company expects to see membership numbers pick up once again with the Brazilian launch of WOW and of course its fourth expansion, Mists of Pandaria.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Might it also have anything to do with other MMO’s being on the rise?

  2. I think the whole panda expansion is going to cause even more subscription drops. I don’t think its what WoW players wanted, plus everybody is going to be too busy playing Star Wars.

  3. judging by the waiting times, they all walked right over to DC-Universe :-D

    • have you not seen the server waiting times for DC? last night i joined a que of 4000

      • yes, that was actually the point i was trying to make :)

      • Either that or Dofus. They had to upgrade the servers because of waiting times etc…

        WoW always felt a bit pants to me anyways.

  4. What do they do about the graphics? Surely the engine is looking a little jaded by now (even though I’ve seen some quite decent stills).

    With that in mind, there’s only so long a title can maintain this sort of momentum but Blizzard are smart enough to roll it out to all territories and make sure they’ve hit everyone possible with it before potentially getting them all across to a new world in a few years time (assuming that’s their strategy).

    • I still think WOW looks great, it’s more about the art design than the raw graphical power. The same could be said about any MMO to be honest, at the end of the day the gameplay is the only thing that matters.

      • Art design is killed by triangles. I will always say WarCraft II looked better than WarCraft III did.

      • Evil evil homicidal 3 sided shapes.

      • Ah, I wasn’t looking to pull it apart but ultimately it’ll start to look a bit long in the tooth and that will affect people coming to it for the first time. Okay… maybe a bit, but it’s something they have to assess when the time is right.

    • Though graphics are important, it doesn’t stop certain games from selling millions. A certain FPS shooter comes to mind.

      I think people are leaving because, well…there are other MMO’s out there.

    • It should be mentioned that Cataclysm improved the graphics and animations, it even added Dx11 features. I think one issue is that a lot of hardcore players where put off by Cataclysm being too n00b-friendly and changing the style of the game, and the next expansion doesn’t seem to be fixing that at all.

  5. Still over three times the population of Wales. Not doing that badly.

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