CoD Elite Still Struggling

It’s been a couple of days since the global launch of Modern Warfare 3. Usually, by this time, all the online issues that are omnipresent at the launch of big multiplayer games are settling down. Elite, Activision’s social stat tracking service, is not yet showing signs of becoming more stable.

To be fair, the multiplayer side of Modern Warfare 3 is settling down as the sheer number of people all trying to access it at once reduces. But Elite seems to be posing a slightly different problem from Activision.


Sign ups are high and the huge publisher has trotted out that well-worn excuse that demand is exceeding expectation. Of course, they probably knew there would be massive demand but it’s more financially sound to build a system which will work perfectly with its usual load than it is to build a system which allows for this massive usage spike at the start.

Jamie Berger, Activision’s head of digital, has told Kotaku that while the service is still struggling, it’s being tweaked to allow more simultaneous sign ups which will hopefully allow people to get registered so the service can begin to settle.

So, while Elite is currently struggling, Activision has people on the case and it will, hopefully, be fully functional soon.

Source: Kotaku



  1. I tried to access is this morning. It told me not to refresh the page and they will get me into Elite. The page was called ‘Waiting Room’

    It then promptly reverted to service error, try another time

  2. An extra £30+ for a page that says ‘502 Bad Gateway’? Grrr, rage, grumble, grumble

    Oh well, maybe I’ll just play the game instead.

  3. Terrible for the “biggest” release of the year. Maybe they should’ve put some more money in their servers that in their advertising.

    Imagine you’d have paid for this…

  4. I’m sorry but given the past problems with servers in CoD and MW games who didn’t see this coming…?

  5. Why don’t things work on day one anymore?

    I mean, other businesses can’t get away with this – For example, imagine if you went to a restaurant & ordered some soup, but were then told that the bread that accompanies the soup was not available & that they hoped to have it to me by the end of the week. I don’t think many would stand for that!

    I know that the game works & Elite is as an aside to the game, but it’s all part of the experience isn’t it?

    • I agree with this. It infuriates me how they can get away with all this rubbish, not just Elite too, but actual games aswell

  6. You would think Activision (and EA) would invest in a pool of servers to be used on game launches, repurposed with every new release.

    • Though having said that, BF3’s launch issues seemed to be with the actual code being run on the servers, rather than a lack of resources, so maybe they’ve done this already.

  7. At least internet people can’t blame SONY for this one lol

    • I doubt any TSAer will blame Sony or MS for it as it seems that Acti has cacked up with it. =) I blame this on a cat. :p

    • I blame Sony >.>

      • Yeah I want some of that action. Damn you sony! ;)

  8. I’ve had trouble trying to sign up, but at least the game is fine. I haven’t had a single issue thankfully!

  9. Is it me or was there a new rule that requires most triple A titles to has some sort of problem on launch nowadays? O-o

    Acti should have seen it comming. They should have set up more servers to help with the inital surge of people that are signing up with Elite. =)

    • Yeah, it’s called management. Stopping bug fixes that are ‘non essential’ and forcing crunch on the devs and testers. Although obviously, it seems it’s spreading to bugs that are essential…

  10. I hope my premium subscription is extended by a few days considering I haven’t got on once since I activated it

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