NCsoft Unveils New MMO

Dubbed as the “Korean E3,” this year’s G-Star trade show in Busan is playing host to a number of games with an abundance of MMO activity, South-Korean based NCsoft (City of Heroes, Guild Wars) outing its latest entry to the genre, Lineage Eternal.

Departing somewhat from the conventional MMO formula, Eternal plays from an isometric perspective, swapping out the “click n’ wait” formula for a more engaging, instant action playstyle that is said to emulate Blizzard’s Diablo franchise. However, instead of repeatedly clicking on enemies and using hotkeys for special abilities and items, Lineage Eternal goes a step further, introducing a more interactive method of play.


Actions such as a spinning powers strikes or casting spells are usually assigned to a single button press in other MMOs but here players can manipulate them by dragging and drawing patterns to customise the effects. For example, when summoning a wall of fire (sorceress) the player can draw a line on-screen to command the direction of the spell, a similar input mechanic used with the warrior class and his spin attack.

Details are scarce and although the G-Star announcement would indicate that Lineage Eternal is an exclusive Korean release, given the popular brand name and new direction it wouldn’t surprise us if NCsoft eventually release it overseas.

Source: IGN



  1. Bad decision release another MMO…
    Guild Wars 2 will eat every other MMO for breakfast.

    • Korea is a completely different market when it comes to MMOs. There are tons of MMOs there that fare quite well that you might not have ever heared of.

      • they do seem to love their mmos over there.

        starcraft is like the national sport isn’t it? ^_^

  2. G-star being a trade show, not the name of the boxers I’m currently sporting? Mind you people are constantly in and out of those, enjoying themselves, joystick in hand…

  3. Ha, sounds great

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