New Vita Video Shows Off OS

Word on the street is that the video below might not be as brand spankingly new as I might have hoped when I started up the archaic TSA Towers laptop.  Not that it took that long to boot, mind, more that the video was apparently shown off at TGS earlier in the year.

Regardless, it’s new to me, and it’s new to the Japanese PSN, so I’m hoping it’s new to you.  If it’s not, well, you know where to complain.


It’s fancy pants from fancy land, though, isn’t it, with a side helping of extra fancy?  I mean, the slo-mo unboxing is creepy as hell, but once the video kicks off proper there’s some nice stuff on show.  I didn’t really like BubbleOS (TM) at first, but now I’m thinking that the XMB is looking decidely old skool in comparison.

Very Japanese in construction, mind, but then it’s a Japanese video.

We’ll have our grubby mitts on our very own Vita this December.  Next month.  My word, it’s a lot closer than I thought it was.  I’d better start saving up.

Via GAF.



  1. Looks really cool, at 1:01, they’re playing with a vita and two psps? or are they just playing at the same table..

  2. While I absolutely love the XMB, I will admit that the interface shown here might work better with touch controls… I still want an XMB option too though.

    That first bit was a bit creepy, all I could think was “Iron Chef porn!” though the rest was very well done.

  3. Ugh,,, O_____O” Want, the only thing I care about is Monster Hunter though

  4. As smooth as an iPhone xD

  5. The BubbleOS is probably the only thing that puts me off from buying this thing on day one. WIll probably wait for a price reduction or an OS revision. Whatever comes first but by then the portfolio of games should have plenty to offer.

  6. Looks really impressive. Vita is getting better and better with each video I see.

  7. Well it looks pretty sleek IMO.

  8. Damn that screen is fat.

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