OnLive Audience ‘Millions’ in UK

OnLive is doing well in the UK – very well – if CEO Steve Perlman is to be believed.

The cloud gaming service’s head honcho told MCV that OnLive has reached ‘millions’ of users in Britain since its launch on 22nd September:


“The growth in the UK has been faster than when we launched in the US. It went beyond what we ever imagined.

“Overwhelmed is not even the word. The numbers in the UK are ten times what we projected.”

It’s surprising how fast OnLive has taken off in the UK due to how inflexible a lot of ISPs are when it comes to the amounts of data you can download.

Membership has likely been boosted by free OnLive console giveaway promotions like the one at Eurogamer Expo, but it’s still a very enviable audience to have reached in such a short period of time for such a new platform.

Source: MCV



  1. I’m very impressed with OnLive, almost every single detraction I had heard pre-release has been de-bunked by my actual use of the Micro-Console.
    Thats not to say its a perfect service, its far from it but with consistent updating and a library that contains more big name games (they are trying though LA Noire released this week and Batman:AC in 2 weeks) will really improve it.

  2. I only tried DiRT3 and was disappointed by it, along with my 20GB a month limit I discounted it early on. I might try a few more demos of games before totally ruling it out.

  3. “Users” is an interesting term. Is that active users, or people like me who signed up in the first week or so but then have stopped using it since due to the size of downloads it generates? Would be good to know.

    • Yes thatr’s my thoughs – I signed up, played for half an hour, never been back.

      • same here tried it never went back.

      • Same too. Although would be back for a decent rts.

      • Is that much different to how anyone reports there figures though? Until recently we often heard how many xBox’s or PS3 had been sold, we dont hear too often, if ever, how many of those consoles are used on a regularly basis.

      • Same, and that was because it was free.

      • the amount of games that are sold clearly tell you Xbox PS3 are used a lot.

      • No point even rplying to that coz you clearly haventt understood my point

    • It seems like he was deliberately vague about figures so I assume there’s probably a large amount of people who used it once just for the novelty, especially if they picked up a free Micro console.

      I’d be very surprised if it didn’t include those figures.

  4. I got a game and have played a couple of hours. it’s a fantastic service, but I think i’ll only use it when i’m traveling in hotels and the like. it’s more of a fall-back option at the moment.

  5. I’m impressed with what I have seen, but until I get a better connection speed I won’t be using OnLive as one of my main platforms.

  6. It’s about time they roll out OnLive in Germany and give out free consoles like in the UK.

  7. i used it for the war in the north demo a few days ago.

    that’s about it though.

  8. How many “customers” have actually registered for free just to play the demos and watch other “customers” playing the same first 30 minutes of Arkham Asylum? Mmm?

  9. I’ve still thought about getting it for demos, but not sure I can be bothered with all my life getting in the way…

  10. :O Not bad considering a lot of ISPs are a pain in the butt with downloads. I still prefer the good old fashioned phyical copy though.

    But how many are actually using it on a regular basis?

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