PS Move Was Considered For Uncharted 3

In an interview given to Just Push Start, Naughty Dog’s Keith Guerette explained how PlayStation Move was considered but ultimately rejected for Uncharted 3.

“Sony actually did approach us in the early stages of development and asked us to consider using the Playstation Move,” said Guerette.

“What we determined is that there really was no good way to properly take advantage of the Move without changing the game play, language, and presentation of Uncharted as we know it.”

Keith also says he has “gained a lot of trust and respect” for Uncharted: Golden Abyss developer Sony Bend.

Source: JustPushStart


  1. I’m glad they didn’t try and force Move into the game when they didn’t want to. (Mass Effect 3 and Kinect anyone?) As a massive fan of the Uncharted series I’m really glad about the last paragraph regarding Sony Bend – I’m less nervous about the Vita game being up to scratch now.

    • I don’t mind the voice comms stuff for ME3 kinect (so long as it works properly) as the “you – do this, wheel” always felt intrusive and pulled you out of the fight for a second. However, why it requires a kinect and not a £10 headset and some game specific coding is beyond me.

      • You can do without a wheel, just auto and choose places.

  2. Yeah, they said early on that they considered but ultimately dismissed the idea

  3. Ah! that explains the U3 aiming issue… Inacurate aiming is a requirement for move games :)

    Dev 1 ‘lets add move support’

    Dev 2 ‘We can’t, we dont have enough time to programme in the poor aim and inexplicable reticule drift’


    • Then it would have been a perfect fit. I think UC3’s aiming is far from perfect. There are moments when I hit 15 targets in a row with a sniper rifle and a second later I miss a guy with a pistol about 20 times while standing right behind him.

  4. Has anyone ever played anything good with Move? Mine has just sat on the side since I got it.

    • – Infamous: Festival of Blood
      – Hydrophobia Prophecy
      – Little Big Planet: Sackboys Prehistoric Moves
      – Flight Control

      • RUSE.

      • The Fight, Echochrome 2

      • Tumble!!

      • Tumble is good for a laugh, if short lived and Child Of Eden is good, though not as nice as the kinect version (I have both). Been really underwhelmed with move myself.

    • If you take the top off and fill it with dried peas it makes a very good Maraca.

      • That’s a lie! Grains of rice are much better.

    • Flight Control, Tumble, Echochrome 2, Resident Evil 5, Heavy Rain, inFamous: Festival of Blood, Little Big Planet 2.
      And more.

    • Dead Space Extractions pretty good as well. Aiming feels better with the Move than it does with the Wii version.

      • That’s good to know, I tried playing it with a dualshock and thought it was shite. I’ll have to ‘borrow’ a move.

    • loads of good games coming as well.

    • Dead Space: Extraction was quite good..

    • inFAMOUS 2… which was patched a good half a year after release and controls pretty well. Not to mention there is more going on in inFAMOUS 2 during combat then in uncharted. I didn’t notice any major gameplay or language (how would an input device affect this?) changes either. Having access to the camera at all times is quite nice since you can do multiple actions at once. With the Dualshock you would have to constantly stop the camera to do certain actions.

      In uncharted 3 you would be able do things like aiming your shots before you even pull out your gun; depending on how well the controls are done.

  5. its been a big waste of money for me like…never use it. I tried to play killzone and resident evil 5 with it and after half an hour I went back to the dualshock

    • Yeah, that’s pretty much been my experience of it, nearly everything on it, bar the mini/party game style things (and CoE) feel shonky and can usually be better handled with a Dualshock.

  6. They’ve missed an opportunity with this… They could have done a PS Move bundle, with a lifesize cardboard cut out of drake. Simply insert one glowing orb into his face, and one in each of his hands and find a friend, and you could have had full epic hand-eye interaction as drake. Would have been a million seller

  7. Bringing Jagger into this was totally uncalled for.

  8. So glad they rejected it.

  9. Thank the gods. I like playing Move games now and again, mostly Tumble or Sports Champions but i have no desire to play UC3 with a motion controller and a hobbled button layout.

  10. Merlin’s beard! Thank heavens for that.

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