Skyrim Hip Hop Remix

I’ve signed an NDA with Bethesda. That contract says I won’t tell you anything about Skyrim until after 13:01 GMT this afternoon, when our review goes live. I don’t think they’ll mind me dropping this little bit of info though: the soundtrack is fantastic.

As many of you may know, the only thing I like better than a brilliant tune is a surprising play on a brilliant tune. I won’t listen to traditional pop music until it’s had a filthy dubstep remix. I think Kasabian’s BBC Radio Live Lounge cover of that song about Video Games was brilliant and I loved Linkin Park’s rendition of Rolling in the Deep. Not necessarily because they’re fantastic musical accomplishments but because they’re a little bit fun and different.


And so I present to you, without any further comment, this Hip Hop Homage to Skyrim by KadeshFlow.



  1. How was that video skyrim or hip hop? i’m confused by the Kasabian cover, can some one help me, i was falling asleep at the end, not because they’re shit, but because i was tired.

  2. Ah! the right video is there now!

  3. Sorry 3 posts in a row, but can’t delete the previous, the song was awesome, going to look at more of his stuff.
    Have you heard Megaran? one of the best best artists I’ve seen live. good chiptunes hiphip and geek music.

  4. I’ve already set an alarm. Then again, I’d have to be dead to prevent me from buying it anyway.

  5. Wow, Linkin Park have really sold out, from nu metal Hybrid Theory to covering over rated Adele.

    Not bad. Like the beat.

    • Sold out? You mean by doing their own thing and redicovering themselves musically since their nu metal days and alienating millions of fans who just wanted the same old music over and over again? I think you got your definition of selling out wrong, mate.

      • Your absoloutley right mate, they didnt sell out they just wanted to try a completely different kind of music thats far away from what they enjoy/want to do, not to get themselves more mainstream but because they really really wanted to, and in doing so became massively shit and lost most of their fans and gained non. Lol jokes mate they tried to sell out and failed there last album was a horrid insult to music.

      • I think you got it wrong. They didn’t change their style to sell out and make more money. They changed their style because they matured musically (their words). They knew they would lose fans (and potential sales) that only love the old style of music but they did it because the wanted to do it for their own personal reasons. I think doing something that jeopardizes fans and sales is the complete opposite of selling out. They do their thing and are having fun doing it. They covered a nine inch nails song a long while ago for a life performance and gave it a whole new LP spin. Great song. I just don’t see how covering a song for a live performance for the heck of it means a band is selling out.

      • One would say they jumped on the Nu-Metal bandwagon in the first place, so they cashed in to sell out.

      • So essentially because they enjoyed something that has been done before with some kind of success they sold out by going in that direction, even if they would have done the same thing if that kind of music wouldn’t have been popular? I consider that logic slightly flawed.
        I’m not some Linkin Park fanboy who wants to defend his favourite band. I just don’t agree with the statement that they sold out. Linkin Park was always a love it or hate it kind of band. Back when I was a huge fan my best friend hated them but for no reason in particular. He even listened to similar music. I also didn’t mean to highjack the comments section of this news piece. So, apologies for that Peter. I’ll stop and enjoy my pizza for lunch now. :)

    • Selling out – changing what you do to make yourself more popular and making loads of money out of it. Yep, I reckon they have sold out.

      • WHat a hipster thing to say. If they wanted to maximise their sales and sell out they would have just made a few more Hyrid Theories. Covering a popular pop song and playing it live (not pressing it on discs and selling them) is hardly selling out. By your definition Linkin Park sold out as soon as they released Hybrid Theory because that’s when they started making real cash. They are not asking themselves what would sell loads of copies and then go in the studio and try to make that kind of music.

      • Lol, what’s a hipster thing to say?

      • The whole selling out thing in general. It wasn’t meant as an attack. Sorry if it came acroos the wrong way. :)

      • Not taken that way, I just have no idea of the meaning of a “hipster thing to say”

      • I’m a memebase addict. Hipsters are people who lose interest in something as soon as it gets popular and rub in your face that they knew about it before you did. A band selling out is usually a reason for hardcore fans since day one losing interest in a band, even if the musical style doesn’t change a bit.

      • Oh don’t get me wrong, I hate linkin park and always have, I just believe they’ve sold out. Totally not my kind of music at all.

      • Ah. I’ve been a huge fan in the past but stepped back a little in recent times. While I do listen to their newer music every now and then and understand the reasons why they made the changes my musical taste expanded and now I listen to electronic music most of the time. I’m not bitter about the new Linkin Park unlike some ex-fans out there. I changed too over the course of the years and if someone has a problem with then then to hell with them. A musician has every right to do the same thing. They are not obligated to make music that people like. And the fact that they do the things they do I still have a lot of respect for them. Sum 41 for example went the opposite way and just cranked out albums that sound so alike that at one point I actually heard passages from older songs in my head while listening to the new stuff. It’s the same with gaming. A successor to a game should bring something new to the table to keep things fresh but if it changes too much you might alienate fans but in the process might win over some people who weren’t fans of the old style. It’s always a double edged sword but those who dare to evolve are the ones that really deserve respect, even if they go down in flames. Nothing is worse than a backwards K. *le wild baseball reference appears* Damn you, Memebase! :P

  6. Sweet! Good timing, I just got a text saying my Skyrim preorder is ready for pick up, so I should have it by tonight :)

    • Oh and just followed the link to that Kasabian song – brilliant, I’ll be keeping that, thanks for including it.

  7. I’m on a horse.

    • This is my horse. My horse is amazing.

      • This is my horse. This is where I heal my blorse.

    • This is my rifle, this is my gun,
      This is for fighting, this is for fun.

      • I thought we were going with the horse theme… Combo Breaker!

    • Why do I always read double-entendres in to Tuffcub’s posts?

  8. I’m not overly keen on rap at the best of times, but that is toilet!

    • Hip hop and rap having been the only musical genre I’ve listened to for 20 years, I can confirm that is indeed toilet.

  9. Bit crap imo. You can barely here the remixed version of the theme song. :( But it may be my biased view on VGM. ;)

  10. I don’t like that even a little..

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