TSA F1 Championship Round-Up – Week 4

This week The Championship motored into Monza where madness ensued. Hopefully next week Silverstone will provide us with a first corner that isnt so crash prone. Here’s this week’s round-up:

Group A

You’d think that dry conditions would help into the first corner, but this week it wasn’t to be. Lee-ma and AshGraham got through cleanly from the front row, but some wheel on wheel contact from Teflon on Manorhowze, turned the rest of the field into complete carnage briefly. Ro6afc11 finally got a lucky break, picking his way through to 3rd, and Camdaz was soon past a slightly guilty feeling Teflon, who had cut the second chicane and let him pass without bother for 4th.

Manorhowze had a lot of work to do. He rejoined in 10th, and quickly grabbed a couple places back as people squabbled. Then at the first chicane on lap 2 he chanced upon the squabbling Camdaz and James and gained another spot, as James went into the gravel. Tearing off after Camdaz he passed Teflon who’d slowed a little to let Camdaz re-pass. In short order, the pressure he applied to Camdaz saw him spin out at the two Lesmos, and Manorhowze was up into 4th after less than 2 laps.

James’ own recovery after his trip to the gravel only took him up to 5th, securing his pass of Teflon after the pit stops, but he was too far behind Manorhowze to challenge for 4th. Likewise, Manor was too far behind Rob, who was too far behind Ash, after a several lap long tussle, whilst Lee-ma had quickly disappeared off into the distance for another clear victory.

Group B

This week we managed to have our second completely dry weekend in a row. Apart from a small incident where Wick 15’s car was spun causing an incident with Matty’s car, things were pretty tame. Chuggy managed to grab pole with Tomjakes in second and Spooferbarnabas in third.

The race, unfortunately, was not so tame. The first corner was a hurricane of incidents with many of the front runners getting shunted from behind resulting in them spinning and being driven into from the side. Luckily for them though, a lot of places were made back as a number of cars had also had incidents at turn two (including myself accidentally giving Stanley a shunt causing him to spin, sorry!). For Chuggy this meant starting in first placer, falling to last place, before managing to get back up to fourth place!

Sir_J had lost his front wing in the first corner collision and was in danger of losing his toes too due to his kitty starting to bite his feet! He managed to wrack up an impressive 50 seconds worth of penalties for corner cutting during the feline attack but not one for wanting to be outdone, Chuggy went one step further and managed to wrack up so many time penalties for corner cutting that the game disqualified him from the race!

Up front Tomjakes took the win with Spooferbarnabas in second and Tonyyeb picking up third. As usual, Chuggy has provided us with his view of the race.

Group C

The race that could very well be a lottery! Monza, chicanes and slipstreaming, what more could you want? Well the answer to that is rain apparently, at least for qualifying!

Everyone took to the track pretty quickly and soon Jambo was on pole with Tom quickly taking over at the top. He held this right until the end until Jambo took over in the dying moments, taking pole again.

The race was dry and Jambo got a good start leading into turn one but was passed on the run to the second chicane by snakefingers. Behind wasn’t so clean with a few cars having contact in the tight Variante Del Rettifilo, with a Toro Rosso? pointing in the wrong direction at one point! A few more incidents spread the field out a little during the remainder of lap one. At the end of lap 2 Jambo slipstreamed past snakefingers on the start/finish straight taking a lead he was only to lose during the pitstops. Snakefingers then crashed on lap 3 terminally damaging his car and giving second to Tom who was already 8 seconds down. At this point Davidsmall crashed out and then had connection issues dropping us down to 9 drivers.

After the pits Scaramanga had a coming together with Origami killer, a few crashes too far which led to Scaramanga exiting the race. Freezebug also suffered from contact from other drivers as did beelzie who was spun on the start finish at max speed but managed to survive.

At the end of the race Jambo was on cruise mode after setting his fastest lap on only the second lapp and Tom closed up to within 2 seconds at the end with Kamikaze taking third, Origami was fourth with Freezebug managing to make it home in fifth and flippin completing the top six.

Remember you can catch up on the results tables in the forums over here and take a look at the videos recorded from our drivers over here. You can also see the current results tables over on the next page.

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  1. Sir_J’s girlfriend seems to be quite an odd character…

    • Oi! That was a secret between you and me i thought… the cheek of it! :p

    • Further to that, even if my “darling little kitty” managed to help me get 50 seconds of penalties, she is still the worlds coolest cat… official! How many cats do you know that play fetch with a bottle top??! I have also taught her to be a fighting cat… unfortunate side effect of that is being attacked during F1 races… hmmm. Now am i talking about my cat or girlfriend now Tef!?! What a weird thought… or is it?!… :s

  2. Disappointing first corner for me but the rest of the race was good fun with some nice racing.

    Theres a few of us practicing for Silverstone tonight, around 6 if anyone else is interested.

    • apart from that friendly force india fella eh? ;) I think that was my only contribution to this race!

  3. Actually came out of the first corner carnage in a better position than I went in (for a change :}). Pity I messed up a few laps later.
    Should be about at 6pm but will only have an hour.

  4. Was very lucky to get 4th. Really tough race, and another apology to scara for our incident.

  5. I hope all three tables have close scoring battles for 4th and 5th places in the final race at Nurby, should add a twang to proceedings ;)

    • Hopefully, although I hope to cement my position in the top 5 before then. Silverstone is an important race for me.

  6. If nothing else, I am very consistent with my results being 7th, 7th, 6th and 7th. Despite that, I’m not actually that far off of stealing 5th place so I guess its all still to fight for ;)

  7. Here’s a video of what went down in Group C http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Th3z8QkS4RY

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