Uncharted 3 Sold Nearly 4M Copies On Day One

According to a recent SCEE press release (as flagged by VG247,) Naughty Dog blockbuster, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, sold 3.8 million units in its first day alone.

To put that into perspective, Epic’s Gears of War 3 managed to fly past the 3 million milestone on launch week, Battlefield 3 having recently shifted 10 million in the same period of time across all three available platforms.

To verify, the statistic is not for how many units were shipped to retailers, it’s not how many were actually flogged to you, the gamers.


  1. Pretty good for a console exclusive title!

    • This is a key point, especially when looking at how well it’s done against Battlefield!
      Comparison with Gears is, in that sense, fairer and I’m glad to see it thrash that! It’s a far better game.

  2. Awesome news! Glad it’s selling well. It’s the best game on the PS3 and indeed this generation IMO.

  3. Includes preorders, right?

  4. Stunning sales figures.

    To think BF3 managed 5 million in a week, so UC3 must be right up on that level. Oh, and they thoroughly trounced Gears 3, which did 3 million in its first week.

    ND must be over the moon at this, and very well deserved too!

    • LOL, I should read the article, maybe…

      However, BF3 shipped 10 million, but only sold 5 million in week one.

      • Yep, the old ‘shipped’ figure rearing its head again

      • One of the IGN guys just tweeted that it has sold through 3.8 million copies, and that’s straight from Sony.

        This is confusing as hell.

    • “Battlefield 3 having recently shifted 10 million in the same period of time across all three available platforms.”

      I thought it was 10 million shipped but 5 million sold for BF3?

      It’s misleading to talk about SOLD and not shipped throughout the article and then to drop in a SHIPPED figure.

      Unless BF3 SOLD 10 million in its first week? Maybe it did. I’d like to see a link, though, as everything I’ve read states 5 million (which is still super-awesome).

      • Yeah, this post got the numbers slightly muddled. EA announced early on that they’d shipped 10 million, then a week later that they’d sold 5 million in the first week.

        Unfortunately, the article has now been amended to reflect that this is 3.8 million of Uncharted 3 that have been shipped, rather than sold. Shame about the double speak from Sony on this one.

    • @IAmJacksMedullaOblongata – BF3 sold 5mil copies. Either the wording or the number in the post is wrong.

  5. Great news. Well deserved too. Best PS3 exclusive game by a mile

  6. WOW vgchart must hugily undertrack this game then.

  7. Happy to hear that. Having a great time with the game. Well deserved.

  8. That’s great and I’m sure the sales will get another bumb over the holiday season.

  9. well deserved a great game.

  10. Very pleasently suprised. I feel sad that I’ve already finished it. Golden Abysis maybe just for Vita needs for big launch day sales by the looks of what Drakes Deception has managed

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