Assassin’s Creed Revelations PC Escapes ‘Always-On’ DRM

Assassin’s Creed Revelations for the PC will NOT include the much maligned ‘always-on’ DRM.

Speaking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Ubisoft confirmed that players won’t have to be continually online in order to play the upcoming Revelations. Instead – like a lot of other PC games these days – the game just requires a one-time online activation.


Some of Ubisoft’s recent releases such as Driver: San Francisco and From Dust suffered have from the accursed ‘always-on’ DRM, but considering how big a franchise Assassin’s Creed is I guess they actually wanted people to – y’know – buy it on PC?

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun




  1. Although I don’t play many pc games the ones where you need to be always online can be a pain. Especially when your connection is down.

  2. fabulous news, from dust was absolutely wrecked by its DRM, i know ubi likes to subscribe to the “all pc users are pirates” theory but i guess the subsequent 90% loss of sales may have woken them up :)

  3. “From Dust suffered have from” have suffered from?

    • My bad, just a typo – ‘have’ and ‘suffered’ should be the other way round.

  4. This is matters for PC right? PS3 version does not need to be online always right?

    • Only PC games that get Ubisoft DRM consoles are fine despite piracy on Xbox also. So PS3 version will be just like the previous Assassins

  5. Great, forcing online sucks, games are great to play when the internet goes down!

  6. I am glad that the have decided to not implent one of the crappiest, most annoying, user abusing, piece of monkey balls known to Gamerkind, DRM on the PC version. It’s that type of DRM which is putting people of your games Ubi on the PC.

    Anyway, It’s still punishing the offline PC gamers as you still need activate it online. :S

  7. Glad to see the old master Assassin still has the skills to escape the accountants ;)

  8. Let’s celebrate this with a long time classic:

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