Resistance 3 Patch 1.05 Goes Live Today

With the release of Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 you might be forgiven for forgetting about the other three-quel FPS of this year, Resistance 3. Clearly Insomniac haven’t though, as they’ve released a pretty significant patch for the space shooter.

Patch 1.05 adds the 16 player map Creek and 4 player map The Granary to the title for free. The patch also includes performance updates such as better team balancing and makes sure that any player that reaches level 60 has access to all equipment and ability unlocks.

Additionally, Playstation Move functionality has been tweaked so that it works better now.

Source: Twitter


  1. Keep meaning to go back to this but so much bloody stuff keeps coming out! Nice patch though. Hopefully will grab a game or two with a few TSAers soon.

  2. Does the reticule stay in the middle when using move now then, or does it still move all over the screen? Because that was a poor way of implementing move IMO.

    • You could always adjust this in the settings. Just turn the bounding box, deadzone, turn speed etc. etc. to your liking.

      • Thanks man! I’ve just tired the demo where I didn’t find any options like that, now I want the game alot more.

  3. Need to complete it….too many good games in the way ha

  4. oh god i keep forgetting about this. played through the single player after battlefields and it was just so much fun. will fire it up and try out the new maps soon

  5. Always great to see free maps, might get this next year cheap instead of caving in and getting cod during a slow time.

  6. It’s 5x XP all weekend too to celebrate the patches launch. Or to get people back in MP in the week of MW3’s release

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