Resistance Site & Forums Offline, Possible Hacking

The official website for PlayStation 3 shooter franchise Resistance is currently offline. is currently displaying a message that states it is ‘offline for maintenance’ but yesterday users reported the site was delivering malware when opened.

Insomniac and Sony have yet to comment.

Source: Kotaku


  1. Getting REALLY sick of hackers.

  2. Ugh, this is getting beyond a joke.

  3. The situation with hackers attacking legitimate sites is getting far out of hand, action must be taken against incidents like these, and fast, as the amount of incidents is rapidly increasing.

  4. I simply do not understand. If it was in protest to something, then I can at least see where they’re coming from. In any case, I hope this gets resolved soon enough.

  5. Protest has spawned mindless attacks. Tossers.

  6. Bad guys don’t care what type of site it is. If they find a weakness, they are going to abuse it for personal gain.

  7. when will it end !? :(

  8. Guess it’ll be time to change my PSN password again, no?

    • Doubt it. This is properly just a single web server who got compromised. It would not have directly access to the PSN database.

  9. Well beyond a joke or some kind of statement now.

  10. I had 129 quid taken out my bank account this week , supposedly by Facebook ? Same thing happened to another lad in work . Only connection we could see was we both had steam accounts and Lo and behold they admitted to being hacked this week.

    • What the fuck. I get steam, and some **** shits all over my parade. *unintelligible shouting/swearing*

    • p.s. don’t know if i have had monies taken yet. but still…

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