DICE Ban ‘Hundreds’ Of BF3 Cheaters

The old saying is that ‘cheaters never prosper’ but perhaps we should update the phrase to ‘cheaters get their accounts banned.’

Battlefield 3 developers DICE have announced they have been busy with the metaphorical ban-hammer and will continue to wield it when required.


“This week we’ve banned hundreds of offending accounts and have stats-wiped accounts for exploiting (such as boosting)” said the official Battlefield 3 Twitter account.

DICE have a ‘dedicated team cleaning out those who disrespect the integrity of the game’ including those who have been exploiting a glitch with the Engineer’s repair tool which allowed players to gain thousands of points per match.

The Twitter account also (jokingly, we assume) tweeted that a Tier 1 ‘beards’ crossover with the characters from Medal Of Honor was on the wishlist.

Source: Twitter



  1. Thats why I hate online trophies they cheat just to reach Rank 45 grrr……
    Glad the stats will be wiped

  2. on the 360 i have encountered one guy that you could not kill for love nor money we had our entire team shootin at him, but still he did not die…. then he shot us down again and again. Unfortunately there is no in-game chat across teams, so he got a ‘tasty’ voice message from me lmao

  3. Maybe DICE need a dedicated team to fix the glitches and not the cheaters…..just a thought.

  4. fooking cheaters ive got to lvl 45 without boosting of any sort with rounds like this


    if i ever come across them ill stick my RPG up there asshole the cheating c$$ts hope they aint allowed to play ever again!!!

    but i fear that they will just create annother account and start again

    • I regard myself a total Battlefield fanboy and spend as much time on it as i can but im on lvl 14 with 14hrs gameplay how in gods name these people are already at highest rank is beyond me , are you a student or unemployed or something ?
      I look forward to spending the next 12 months working my way up to the top rank , i’d hate to have everything so soon.
      Fair play to you mate though and i hope your not out of work as its worst thing ever.

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