Saint’s Row The Third ‘Exclusive’ PS3 Content Nowhere To Be Found

At E3 Sony announced PS3 users would get an exclusive Saint’s Row The Third game mode. Details for the mode didn’t go further than to say it would use the game’s ‘signature weapon.’

Now Joystiq has received both PS3 and Xbox 360 retail versions of Saint’s Row The Third and have discovered that there is no difference between the two games. THQ was contacted and the only reply received was ‘No Comment.’


This isn’t the first time PS3 content has gone missing. When Battlefield 3 launched, PS3 gamers were supposed to receive Battlefield 1943 on disc, but it didn’t show. So DICE and EA decided to release BF3 DLC a week early for PS3 instead.



  1. No comment is not really an answer though is it? It’s a bit like saying “there is a reason, we just aren’t going to tell you what it is!”.

    The thing that concerns me slightly is that it seems that they are touting features only for PS3 to up the demand for that particular console (no idea why) then when orders are in, the content mysteriously disappears!!

    Sounds like a job for Mystery Incorporated!!

  2. ‘No Comment’.


    • Just like the game itself, then.

    • Good call nofi. I hate when anyone gives that answer. Just tell the truth. “We/I am guilty but I don’t have a good way of explaining why yet.” I would be more willing to forgive if they would just be honest.

  3. Oh dear. What a pathetic response. You’d think they were stumped in a childish argument, not in charge of a multi-million pound company.

    • Don’t know why but I get the feeling it was said almost as if laughing. As if they are saying “ha no comment but you will kick yourself when you find it”.

      I can’t actually believe a company would say “no comment” if there wasn’t a joke hidden somewhere.

      • I would have thought it probably wasn’t a straight up “No Comment” probably an e-mail equivalant of Im sorry but at the moment we cannot comment while we are looking into it”. Or I would have hoped it was somehting like that!

  4. Eh…. I don’t know, its just a mode right? besides to me its likely to be as awful as the second game if they stick with the driving physics thats way beyond GTA or anything in this little Solar System.

  5. Sure Battlefield 1943 didn’t come on the disk but is getting it on a DL code instead such a big deal? You still got the game.

    • I didn’t get it on any DL code? I ordered the LE from Tesco Entertainment. Where did you find your code to download the game?

      • In the case, tucked in with the online code. Maybe only Australia got the code? I have no idea why only we would get it though, most of our stuff is rebranded UK/Europe releases.

      • Yeah, i can confirm that i got no code either. Mine came from shopto.

      • No code whatsover here.

      • no code for me either, mine was a UK limited edition from sainsbury’s

      • Lol that is strange. I guess EA just like us better =p

      • Out of interest, have you tried 1943 yet & if so, is anyone still playing it?

  6. “So DICE and EA decided to release BF3 DLC a week early for PS3 instead.”

    I swear this did not come along because of the missing BF1943, but was actually to be used along side it and was also mentioned early on.

    • it was hardly going to be a swap between the to was it? I’m sure sony paid a great deal of money for the weeks exclusivity lol

  7. This is just terrible. Promising exclusives for a certain console with a lot of bells & whistles and when the game is out they are nowhere to be found and no explanation whatsoever is given.

    I’m looking at EA as well (where’s my BF 1943?).

  8. Probably held back for one of the 40 weeks of DLC.

  9. Sending out broken games, when they say it’s golden, now they are lying about additional content!

    What is the gaming world coming to!

  10. They don’t want to admit what really happened. A man was seen stealing the content, he is said to have used a giant purple dildo to get the content and then used a hoverbike.

    I really hope they haven’t cut it out of the game just to flog back to us or have cut it out to use a pass. :S

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