Boom Street Gets UK Release Date

Crossovers are now a popular staple of the gaming world, whether it be Darth Vader cutting Mitsurugi down with his lightsaber or Professor Layton teaming up with Phoenix Wright to deal out some righteous justice.

However, there are crossovers and then there are weird crossovers. Mario and Dragon Quest doesn’t quite sit as a comfortable combination for me, but it’s coming regardless in Boom Street (the newly redubbed Fortune Street) for Wii.


The game plays out similarly to Monopoly in another bizarre mix of concepts and will be hitting UK shores on 6 January 2012.

If you ever wanted to acquire property as Waluigi then now’s your chance, although if you were to turn up dressed as Waluigi at your local estate agent I’m not entirely sure they’d be legally obliged to sell you anything.

Source: ONM


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  1. sounds urm terrible…

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