Dress Up As Link, Get Skyward Sword Free

Nintendo has teamed up with GAME for a special promotion celebrating the release of Skyward Sword this Friday, where fans who dress up as Link will get the game for free. The catch is that only one GAME store is participating.

“The first 100 Legend of Zelda fans to present their costume-clad selves at GAME on Oxford Street from 9 am on November 18th can take home the game for free.”

So, this Friday, if you’re around Oxford Street, you now won’t be confused as to why so many Links are present. I wonder how many will be mistaken for Christmas elves.


Dan recently reviewed The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword which you can read here.

Source: Press Release



  1. damn…. wish I could do this…. =[

  2. I would be tempted to dress up as Darth Vader and then go there to get a copy of Skyrim if i had the cash. :p

    I wonder if any TSAers will do this?

  3. Got a picture of a guy at EGX dressed as link, he certainly looked the part.

    Suffice to say, any dressing up I do has to either involve copius quantities of alcohol or private activities between the wife and I.

  4. I’d love to go along and take a few hundred eggs with me for projectile purposes. Also, a camcorder. 8-)

    • Although retarded, that would be funny (at least it would make the dark side of me giggle).

    • I would use Rotten eggs that have mold on them and milk past the use by date to chuck at them. >:)

    • Is this based on some deep hate for the Zelda franchise or are we talking about something that you would do to anyone standing in line?

  5. Ooh I’ll go. At 6’5″ and 18st in the spitting image of Link and won’t look a twat at all.

  6. Great, only problem is if the costume costs more than the game. Someone is bound to buy one and not realise…

    • ….and end up 101st in the line!

  7. Dress up as Zelda, get beaten to a pulp for free*

    *males only

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