‘Metal Gear Solid 5’ Info Coming This Month

Looks like the Official PlayStation Magazine might be worth picking up next month, especially for Metal Gear fans.

Indeed, the cover star is Kojima himself, with the magazine promising ‘his most candid interview ever’ and news on ‘Metal Gear Solid 5’, effectively confirming that the game exists, at least conceptually.


Naturally, we’re not expecting too much in the way of detail – the mag might be featuring the developer strongly, but we doubt any firm facts are likely to be as openly discussed as the teaser suggests.

However, expect some “almighty teases regarding life after Metal Gear” and plenty of retrospective looks at the hugely popular series when the mag hits shelves on the 29th of November.

Source: OPM.



  1. yes yes yes ! i love MGS to pieces !

  2. Yay, hopefully this is PS3 exclusive

    • Or perhaps the next Sony platform? I think he has mentioned in the past that the Metal Gear Solid series would be a PlayStation exclusive, but how that is compatible with the HD collection coming out on Xbox as well, confuses me.

    • “Yay, hopefully this is PS3 exclusive”


      • So it can have the same awsome install system it used in MGS4! isn’t it obvious!

      • Why not nofi? Nothing wrong with a console having some exclusives. I’m not demanding Gears of War or Forza. If I want them, I would buy a 360. Since I enjoy Ratchet & Clank, God of War, and Metal Gear Solid, I bought a PS3.

      • @nofi Because I would hate for the 360 hardware to hold it back

      • Because I don’t want the game to be held back graphically or audio wise. Also don’t want the story shortened to fit it on 2-3 8GB 360 discs when PS3 has 50GB available.

      • When lately has the 360 held back a multiformat game? Even those split onto multiple DVDs are generally on par or better, no?

        Genuine question, btw, not trying to be a dick. :)

      • Final Fantasy XIII was way better on the PS3 and this probably pissed MS off so:

        Final Fantasy XIII-2: No CGI cutscenes? Yeah, probably because they had to keep the two console version similar to each other this time around and I’m sure that will not be the only thing they had to cut beack on.

      • Nofi – that’s the point really, isn’t it? Multiformat games are perforce not limited by the 360, because generally speaking they’re coded on the 360 (being the “easier” of the two to code for) and then ported to the PS3. Games coded exclusively (or primarily) on the PS3 tend to have better rendering, higher framerates, and overall superior graphics to the 360 equivalent. Dark Souls is a good example of this.

        I think the point is that if MGS5 is confirmed as a PS exclusive, we can expect exceptional graphics and a gameplay experience tied into the PS3 architecture; if it’s multiformat, it’ll be coded for the 360 and then ported to the PS3, resulting in an engine that doesn’t use the PS3’s capabilities.

      • Rage was more limited due to 360. The game world had to be redesigned and the texture compression is too high due to DVDs.

      • Nofi, you could argue that all multiplatform games are held back by the fact they’re multiplatform. It’s certainly true the best looking games are the exclusives – uncharted and killzone. The time spent developing for multiple platforms can instead be spent on optimising for a single platform. Who knows how good cod or battlefield would look if the were ps3 only?

      • I’m 100% sure 360 holds back every COD game for starters. COD is limited to 8GB multiplayer wise and it has to cram story mode into that also. Imagine if it was 30GB alone for MP and 20 for SP. As you can’t split up multiplayer discs, COD will never get to it’s potential with 720p graphics, higher detailed maps, more maps, more onlIne features etc The PS3 is hardware wise is better but games are made on 360 limiting what the PS3 version could be.

      • Good conversation starter nofi with just the one word used – Why!

      • Not sure I agree – from what I see most multiformat games look better on 360, even if just marginally.

        Obviously single format games look better on each console – Uncharted 3, GT5, Forza, Gears 3, but from my experience it’s hardly clean cut.

        My point is that – assuming all things are equal – why wouldn’t Kojima want to sell as many copies as possible?

      • From a financial standpoint releasing a game on two consoels makes more sense but exclusive titles are always more polished and as a PS3 owner I’d prefer a polished game over a multiplatform game that is of a slightly lesser quality. I personally don’t gain anything from a multiplatform title. All I know is that the game could be even better if they focused on one console. Why would you not want the best possible experience that you can get? You won’t buy it for both consoles so you’re not at a loss if it was exclusive, right?

      • Third party games are rarely exclusive though, aren’t they? I mean, sure, MGS games in the past were kinda PS-orientated (after they left the MSX and Nintendo, of course) but the costs are just too high now to gamble it all on one platform unless you’re first party and massively assisted by Sony.

        IMO, of course. :)

      • There is no doubt that something like this is a pure financial business descission but I’m not the one who makes a living from selling the games so it’s perfectly understandable to hope for the best possible experience you can get from a product and this is usually provided by exclusive titles. Then there is also the aspect that if they don’t make that much money from exclusive sales then a sequel could be in jeopardy but considering such factors would go too much into detail for a comments discussion. :)

      • I agree that multiplatform games are usually on par if not better on the 360 – but PS3 exclusive games are often a cut above multi-platform or 360 exclusive titles, especially in terms of visuals and audio. I love playing both consoles, but I know which one has the best exclusive games.

      • At a guess, one of the simplest answers would be sheer loyalty. When fans are loyal they like to see reciprocation. Nothing wrong with that.

      • Also Kojima is a Producer of the calibre of GT’s Kaz. Bit of a perfectionist striving for the best from what he can. If I remember correctly he had reservations about compressing tectures for MGS4 as they were running out of room on the blue ray disk. I couldn’t see him, if they ever did make another true MGS game with Snake in, compramise his desires and code for the current 360. There’s always the possibility that it could be cross platform utilizing the next gen consoles….

      • @nofi
        “Not sure I agree – from what I see most multiformat games look better on 360, even if just marginally.”

        If you read what people wrote you might agree that multi platform games ARE essentially developed for 360 and ported to PS3, albeit somewhat lazily and hurridly.
        Like people said, us PS3 gamers got gimped versions of games like Rage because the competition hardware doesn’t cut it.. I’m all for MGS5 being a PS3 exclusive for the sole fact it will be incredible.. If Kojima was concerned about sales MGS4 would have hit the 360 by now. Invalid argument, mate.
        The guy obviously wants full creative and technological control over what he’s creating, which I absolutely support
        I’m sure you’d sing a different tune if your precious Zelda got released simultaneously on the PS1.

    • I agree hope its ps3 only :p ps3 exclusives look better than multi-format games[that is one of the reasons why i want it to be a ps3 exclusive] But i doubt Kojima will make it ps3 only :( War has changed & He has changed[after walking onto MS E3 show years back] :D

      & that ‘MGS HD collection’ coming out on the xbox360 is pointless really because it doesn’t have ‘2’ of the best MGS games on it i.e MGS1 & MGS4.

      • This means nothing as the HD collection is a Re-release, which have been ported to other consoles over the years, and Rising isn’t helmed by Kojima, I still expect his next full MGS Kojima driven installment to be a PS exclusive as all the others before it were in some way.

    • hope it is as well.

    • Me too, didn’t MGS4 use most of the bluray?

      Wouldn’t want Kojima to have to constrain himself due to having to cater for the outdated dvd format. And if I’m honest I just like it because I can piss off my Xbox 360 owning friends by teasing them with another great game they can’t play ;)

      • Yep and apparently Kojima had to cut back to get it all to fit!!!!

  3. Any ideas what MGS5 will be based around?

  4. While this is good news indeed, I hope that Snake is not the protagonist. Poor guy has been pushed to the limits of human endurance!

    • Which version of Snake?

    • I have not played an MGS that does not feature Snake. I hated the majority of MGS2 coz it’s Raiden. And I cannot stand the look of Cyborg Raiden so I’ll steer clear of Rising

  5. Hope it sneaks on to the Vita….

  6. My fave game series ever….this is Snake do you read me? I love Metal Gear Solid sooooo much!

    • Oh really? I’d never have guessed, neither you picture or name give anything away :P

  7. Brilliant… Rising looks toss

  8. Not to rain on the parade but before anyone gets too excited, “news” on MGS5 could just as easily be in the form of “Never going to happen” or “Not within this consoles lifetime etc”. I hate to say it but teasers like this get peoples hopes up and get people to buy the magazine. It would be like a news show saying “After the break, news on JFK’s assassin” and then when they come back and they have their spike in viewers the news is “we still don’t know who did it”

    • True, and that’s why we didn’t run with “OMG MGS5 CONFIRMED!!!” like most other sites.

      He might even be trolling, and talking about Peace Walker…

    • Just to fuel the hype fire, but it’s a bit rare for Kojima to do a big one on one interivew in a mag with no major title beign produced by him due for release. But I do agree with what your saying, didn’t they do it last year with CoD BlOps, saying they had all the info and it was just all speculation!

      • It sells magazines, though, right? We’ve had this in the past and yes – their Black Ops thing was really quite cruel.

  9. Games like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid and Ace Combat should be permanent PlayStation exclusives.
    This is where they were born and raised :) ( yes, I know about the NES/SNES titles, but common ).

    • Agreed. Since FF XIII-2 doesn’t contain CGI cutscenes which sucks because it was limited to one disc on Xbox 360(Thanks a LOT Xbox), that’s why MGS series and FF series should stay PS3 exclusives.

  10. I’m a little skeptical about a new MGS game. Love them, they’re so unique and nothing really comes close to them, gameplay wise and story wise! But if it is true and there will be another game in the series it’s either probably going to be from the perpesctive of a different character or a prequel story. Unless Kojima does something unexpected like revealing Snake is a father or they’ve invented engineered the nano bots to reverse his age.

    • MGS is by far my favourite series, but I kinda agree. In a way I’d quite like to see full-on remakes of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2, cos I simply cant get into them! If Kojima ‘Solidified’ them that would be killerrrr!

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