MW3 Grosses More Than $775 Million

Is your day not complete until you’ve heard how many copies Game X is selling?  Well, rejoice, waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care, because here comes Activision with the bombshell.

Modern Warfare 3 – you know, that game with guns and that – has shifted over $775 million.  That’s five-day worldwide sell-through, so start the argument about what that actually means in the comments.

[drop2]Regardless, in comparison to Black Ops ($650 million) and MW2 ($550 million) it’s clear that this latest CoD is the one to beat.  Not that anyone will beat it, of course.

“Life-to-date retail sales for the Call of Duty franchise have exceeded $6 billion worldwide, which makes Call of Duty one of the most valuable entertainment properties in the world,” says our Bobby.

“Online play for Modern Warfare 3 is at record levels and we continue to see high online play for both Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which ranked as the #2 and #4 top-played Xbox LIVE games for the week of November 7, according to Major Nelson.”

“I want to thank our fans,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO, bringing a tear to my eye. “They are our toughest critics, and our biggest supporters, and none of this would be possible without them.”


More figures?  How about Xbox Live playtime?  7 million multiplayer hours played by the end of the first day, with 3.3 million unique gamers.  “The Call of Duty franchise returned to Xbox 360 this year with another record-breaking launch,” said Microsoft’s Don Mattrick.

“And with the exclusive first access to new multiplayer content, we’re proud Xbox 360 is home to the largest and most engaged Call of Duty community,” he says, having a wee dig at Sony.

Enter Jack Tretton, then.  “In just over a week, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been hugely successful on PlayStation 3, and continues to drive millions of gamers globally to PlayStation Network with its unprecedented and engaging online multiplayer experience.”

“Which is why we’re also excited to bring the Call of Duty franchise to our highly-anticipated next generation portable, PlayStation Vita,” he said.




  1. Gah, so many monies…

    Also, quite a funny little collection of digs between Mattrick and Tretton. I don’t like Don Mattrick, always comes across as a smug git. And he has stupid hair.

  2. the size of those numbers hurts my head :(

  3. Some unbelievable stats. Nice Vita mention there too! :)

    • I’m glad the Vita version cropped up, I was starting to worry that it might not exist any more, seeing as we haven’t seen anything but a logo so far. (Just like Agent, which doesn’t look like its a PS3 exclusive any longer, if its even coming at all…)

  4. I reckon GTA V will make a good go of breaking those records

    • Not a chance.

      • if any game would do it it will be GTA.

      • I think GTA V will have a good chance. Especially given the trailer. Looks like it’s getting back to some of it’s roots. Good thing. GTA IV was too serious for my taste.

    • Unfortunately, Kivi is probably correct – Although hype was at an all time high for the GTA V ‘reveal’, I think that GTA IV may actually have put a lot of people off.

      I am weary, not for this reason, but just because it might be a little too much like san andreas for my liking.

    • I’m sure time will tell. The GTA series is still a behemoth amongst the industry.

    • Forrest a lot of people loved GTA4 not sure what you mean?
      playing Saints Row 3 now much prefer the adult tone of GTA4.

      • I would say from the people i have spoken to, there is as much love as there is hate for it.

        Personally, i liked it but the constant nannying of friends became an unnecessary pain in the ass.

        Still preferred it to san andreas though.

  5. I would like to know how many copies that would relate to and how much money is from the elite pass that was intraduced this year?

    • As far as I know, the Elite subscription income is not included in the above figures. It would be VERY strange to include it as it would not be comparing like for like. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

    • well, none of it should be related to Elite – that’s a separate product. If they say Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has made $750 million dollars then I hope they mean that, rather than “The Call of Duty brand has made $750 million since Modern Warfare 3 was released”.

      Of course, with the cryptic way these things are phrased, it could probably mean anything.

      • What made me think that thought was the fact that, from where I live anyway, it didn’t sell as well as BlOps did last year, there weren’t as many people queing for it as there was. And it seems to have had a more negative response from people.

        And the fact call it the “Call of Duty Franchise”, which to me would encompass the Elite pass, as well as DLC, etc…

      • That’s the thing with figures though isn’t it – You can spin ’em any way you like. Not saying that’s necessarily the case of course.

        I think it would be interesting to see a specific total for units sold only, which the above may or may not be.

  6. I wish Sony would actually release some PSN figures for once. The only one they like to use is how many accounts there are, but 70million or whatever is meaningless as almost everyone has multiple accounts.
    Incredible sales figures though, mind boggling numbers. This should keep EA quiet, lol!

    • Me too, would like to see the most played games this week, like Live broadcasts.

  7. I really wish this franchise would take a hit. I don’t necessarily want it to go away. I just want Activision to realize that it’s going to run this series into the ground just like Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero.

  8. It’s funny how you can turn boring numbers into facts that seem amazing…
    7 million hours of gameplay on day one split up between 3,3 million unique players would mean that everybody played for 2,12 hours in average. Doesn’t sound that impressive anymore, does it? ^^

    • I was trying to figure that out too. Doesn’t quite add up does it!

      • 2 hours does sound pretty weak for a game that received that much hype and has such a loyal fanbase but you have to count the people who don’t have that much time during the week and only checked the MP out for a few minutes before logging back out or going back to the offline campaign. It’s certainly understandable why Activision went with the numbers they presented here.

  9. You do realise that without piracy and those horrible second hand sales this would have been at least $1 billion. What is $775 million? The devs are starving in the streets!


  10. I can’t even comprehend the amount of games sold. If they were all put in one place and someone took a picture, it might help…

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