New Power Set Coming To DCUO

We’ve known about the second batch of premium DCUO content for a little while now. Focused on The Flash, the upcoming $10 expansion unlocks a new area in the form of Central City, which comes with its own chain of solo and group quests as well as a new “Duo” mission which explores the origins of everybody’s favourite speedster, Barry Allen.

By far the most significant inclusion is the new “Electricity” power set, compatible with both DPS and support play-styles. Power sets are essentially the DCUO equivalent of classes; instead of having warriors, rogues, mages, and priests SOE’s action hybrid MMO allows players to select an archetype such as fire, ice, magic, tech etc. which can then be developed to create a character who suits your role in combat.


One ability cited is referred to as Rescue Heal. Electricity characters can support their allies by targeting them with a shock charge; when their health drops below a certain level, your charge will kick in, restoring that player’s health automatically, a dynamic support feature that separates itself from both the gradualist Nature healers or instant, energy-intensive Magic healers.

An official release date has yet to be confirmed though in previous articles it has been said that SOE is aiming for a pre-2012 launch.

Source: Massively




  1. Sounds good. Been playing it for free and really liking my experience. Been thinking about giving them a purchase or two.

    • First, BTW!

      • I’ve downloaded it but still haven’t had the chance to have a crack due to the big Skyrim shaped time-sponge in my life at the moment.

      • Yeah I’m quite enjoying the free experience thus far too, not sure if I’d make the leap to purchaser though. By the way, we can all see that your comment is first; there’s really no need to announce as much in a second comment. S’not really the way things work round these parts :)

  2. As soon as I can make enough room on my HDD, Im downloading this again. Im gay for the Flash.

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