PlayStation 3 is Five in the West

[drop2]Today marks the fifth anniversary of the PlayStation 3’s North American launch. Just six days after the Japanese debut and a good few months before Europe would be lucky enough to see it on store shelves, Sony’s HD monster roared into the US to take on the growing might of the Xbox 360.

It got off to relatively humble beginnings with a launch line up that was quite heavily reliant on sports titles and an astronomical price point of $599. Several hardware revisions, a sleek redesign and some simply unequalled first party software later, the PS3 is a credit to the console business.


We all have our stand-out moments in our PlayStation 3 history, that one instant when everything about the console seemed breathtakingly amazing. For me it was probably when I put the Metal Gear Solid 4 disc in to install and sat staring at the images of Solid Snake smoking a cigarette.

Every console I’ve owned has had that moment of graphical awakening where I was blown away by the fidelity I had previously considered impossible and this was the PS3’s for me. I’ve had more enjoyable gameplay experiences, there have been shocking announcements and amazing moments but this memory reminds me why I love new hardware.

Alex has another memory, more currently relevant:

Five years is a long time in videogaming, and whilst it’s not like the PS3 has been short of top moments, there’s one that really sticks in my mind and – to me at least – shows exactly the sorts of risks and gambles that those brave enough are willing to put themselves on the line for.

That moment is the first time I saw Journey running. It was a strange moment, amidst a flurry of high profile bombastic AAA shooters in some secret Shoreditch warehouse, but Jenova Chen’s dream (and Robin Hunicke’s effervescent approach) stood out head and shoulders above everything else.

I honestly have no idea if the full game will match up to the sections we’ve already played, but it doesn’t really matter. In five years of gaming I’ve never been so taken aback, so moved, so thankful for an opportunity, than that thirty minutes with thatgamecompany.

And if Journey’s their last PS3 game, then it’s particularly fitting.

Why not help us celebrate five years of PlayStation 3 by telling us your stand out moments with the console? Of course, we’ll also look forward to the next few years and, who knows, perhaps another few memories yet to be made?



  1. If I was to compile a list of the top 10 moments of owning a PS3, nine of them would be Warhawk related and the other Flower.

    PS3. Simply amazing, not SEGA Megadrive amazing, but amazing all the same.

    • I certainly agree about Flower, although Little Big Planet was a real eye-opener and Final Fantasy XIII just looked sumptuous.

      • The best memory I have was when my friend first opened the one his dad has imported from Japan for £700. The phat ps3 was an amazing piece of design, soooo shiny! Also my first boot of Resistance blew me away. I still think its one of the best games of all time, it was perfect.

      • LBP is certainly in my top 10 games of the last 5 years, truly something different.

    • Oh & Blu-rays.
      Warhawk, Flower, Blu-rays, moments in Uncharted 1 & 2, parts of LBP had me grinning

      Motorstorm was my first game & when I played that my jaw dropped, going from a PS2 on SDTV to a 1080i 42″ plasma at the time and PS3 was amazing.

      The Journey beta stirred my soul too, ThatGameCompany rock and Stacking showed that creativity & new ideas aren’t dead even if at the AAA end of the spectrum they are rare.

      There’s quite a few negative memories too, but I won’t go into them here.

  2. Happy B’day PS3

  3. My stand out moment would probably be either WipEout HD, Final Fantasy XIII or MGS4 related.
    MGS4 was my first PS3 game, WipEout HD was the first PS3 game that I played after I upgraded my HD ready 26″ TV to a Full HD 40″ TV and Final Fantasy XIII simply because it’s the first Final Fantasy game on the PS3 and the graphics and animations are incredible.

  4. I remember going from the PS2 to the PS3’s graphics, going wow that’s amazing. Then going from a PS3 on a normal TV to a HD TV and going wow that’s amazing. Then going froma HD TV to a full 1080 42″ HD TV and going wow that’s bloody amazing!

    Online was another matter! First FPS I played online was Resistance Fall of Man and I get a tonne of abuse from a twat because I was taking my time learning the maps before my K/D ration was in the positive! It wasn’t until CoD4 that I fell inlove with online fragging again.

    Gaming wise, little PSN gems have amazed me. Critter Crunch, Castle Crashers, Trash Panic, games like those have given me hours of fun for such little outlay.

    Watching a blue ray movie for the first time on my PS3 was amazing too!

    On the disk based games, MGS4 was another big hitter for me that impressed.
    Another is loading up GT5 Spec 2, I don’t know what was in that update, may have even been a placebo effect, but it felt like a different game and gave me so much enjoyment.

    And as I’ve mentioned CoD4 once, I’ll give it another bit of praise. I had played the original CoD games on PC and loved them, then completly forgotten about them until I saw a trailer for Modern Warfare cheap at Gamestation. Picked it up for £20 and fell in love with FPS games again. The story and graphics were like no other game at the time.

    But it was also the little things that I liked. Stuff like not having to have memory cards and no cables for the controllers. I had ignored the x-box and waited to go from a PS2 to a PS3.

    Long Live PlayStation!!!

  5. So, 5 years ago today I wastefully took the day off work to wait in for my PS3 to be delivered, only for the lazy jobshy couriers to bring it around the following morning.

    Quite irrationally, that actually riles me still.

  6. Playing Wipeout HD for the first time on my new HD TV was a stand out moment, and still to this day I cant believe how good it looks. So good, that me and my other half take in-game pictures, that we are going to have printed on canvas for when we get our own place.
    Final Fantasy 13 took my breath away, never has a game looked so good with such attention to detail.

    • Good call with Final Fantasy actually, the pre-rendered cut scenes in that are sublime.

      • Agreed, those cutscenes are amazing. Although really the in game graphics are nothing to sneeze at either, I still feel they give the likes of Uncharted 3 a run for it’s money ;)

    • Man that’s a damn cool idea!

  7. Hmm… the PS3 certainly is am amazing console. A few stand-out moments for me, are playing WipEout HD (that Platinum trophy was amazing). Playing flower, and without giving away too much, that one bit… you know the one, where the world get’s enveloped in darkness. Sent a shiver up my spine, and I turned back to seek refuge under a street lamp. The Uncharted games in general, have all been full of stand-out moments. Particularly, the first game, when the rusting U-Boat surfaces through the jungle. I love it!

  8. For me has to be when I bought Oblivion when it first came out. Spent so much time playing it and lost so much sleep playing til early hours. Also MW2 had me online for months for the first time for any game for me.

  9. My stand out moment has to be when playing Uncharted for the first time. I watched the intro, and was waiting for the graphics to change when I suddenly realised that I was already in control of the character.

    There have been other amazing times, but that is the biggest stand out moment for me.

  10. happy birthday PS3.

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