Sony Japan’s New Marketing Site Shows New PS3 Colours

Fancy a Scarlet Red PS3? Perhaps Blue Splash is more your thing? Sony Japan is going all colourful for this “holiday season”.

The new colour variants are joined by a new PSP with black and red bodywork and make up a significant push for sales this Christmas by the Japanese branch of the console giant.


They’re also pushing the Torne DVR add-on and a selection of games featuring those really hectic Japanese covers that make my eyes water. Oh, and Uncharted 3, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.

If you visit the new section on Sony Japan’s site and click the link on the right that says “CM” you can watch some quite mental flash video adverts for the newly-coloured consoles.

Europe got some new colours recently too, with white and silver PS3s appearing. Perhaps we’ll get these attractive hues in time too.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Seen those PS3 colours before ;).

    Still the silver “PS3” inset is totally lush.

  2. Really wish we had this much variety in europe, would of got myself a blue one!

  3. Now if only they did this as a pre-order incentive for PS Vita consoles :P

  4. I still prefer the matt black look of the slim.

    • Same – I imported the official vertical stand, which is gloss black and matches the gloss black button panel. Looks smart against the matt black. Christ I sound like such a geek!

      BTW – sent another Elite invite this morning. Someone finally managed to join yesterday! :)

  5. oh the weather outside is frightful…

    • but the fire is so delightful….

      • and since we’ve no place to go…..

      • let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

  6. Pease bring these to the UK, I love that the look of that blue one.

  7. I was going to sell my black slim and 360 for a silver slim from GAME but I like the look of that blue one.
    Good thing PS3 games are region free.

  8. History shows us what this means…..PS4 is very, very close….mark my words….cant part with my black slim as it matches everything. Would have a red one for my bedroom though!

    • I believe you are correct too. Once the colours come out, you know its not that far behind.

      Personally I think they look gross, the black Phat one is the best, once you go black you never go back, thats the saying isn’t it?

      • Being black I concur that is indeed the saying….. ;-)

      • I agree about the fat ones, I’m not such a big fan of the new thin ones so much…

    • You could be right, PS3 came out a year after PSP came out here in UK. With the price drop, suddenly all these colours and inside reports of next gen consoles…..
      So 2013-2014? Seems right I guess. Wow, if there were no PS3 exclusives, the PS3’s power woulda been a total waste.

      • that sir is true, but with so many exclusives, its been well worth it.

  9. I really hope my 80 GB phat PS3 survives until the PS4 comes around. I really don’t like the matt look of the PS3 Slim. A nice color option might change my mind but red or blue would look so much out of place in my living room. I’d go with something fancy like lime green or aquamarine…

    • Lime green would look pretty sweet I agree. Especially if it had bits in gloss white.

      I’m hoping we get the FFXIII-2 special edition PS3 outside of Japan, I know it’s incredibly unlikely but still I hope……

  10. I’ve got one of those limited edition ‘dust’ coloured ones, oh hang on a minute, no my mistake…….it’s black!

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