SSX Gets Wub Wub Trailer

It seems like everyone’s doing dubstep these days – apparently it’s even the thing for remixing classic tracks like Run DMC’s It’s Tricky.  I don’t like the mix, but – hey – it’s what the kids like.

Regardless, here’s the latest video for EA’s mountain-a-thon, and although I’m still not sold on the idea of whizzing down a big block of ice (I much preferred the earlier SSX level structure) it does look like it could be a bit of fun.

Click, listen, enjoy.  Just don’t click through and read the comments on the YouTube page.



  1. SSX video looks great, but that music is just an assault on my ears.

  2. been so longing for this game! as long as the game mechanics are the same as previous games it should sell heaps.

    • You might be disappointed there – I played it at eurogamer & the only thing that was recognisable to me were the characters.

      It had a whole host of annoyances for me in the fact that the character was either too small or took up the entire screen, the moves were on face buttons instead of shoulder buttons, it looks like pretty much any other snowboarding game (none of the madcap tracks of tricky for example) etc…

      It just didn’t feel ‘right’ & left me feeling really disappointed.

      • Remember when it was first announced as Deadly Descents and it was all about surviving the mountain, getting below the oxygen line, staying out the shade etc… and everyone moaned they just wanted a fun SSX game like SSX3 or Tricky
        Well all EA have done is change the marketing angle to present it as the old style SSX game, it is most definitely still Deadly Descents and the only thing it has in common with the original games is snowboards & now the characters.
        The drafting in of a Run DMC Tricky remix further spreads the myth this is like the originals.

        I loved SSX3, it’s one of my fave games of all time, but I really don’t know what to make of this new game, and EAs potentially misleading marketing tactics.

      • They also look to have thrown in a couple of pipes to grind that look completely out of place. Where is the tokyo circuit, that was the core essence of Tricky.

      • “Core essence”? Where the hell did I get that one from?

      • I certainly won’t be getting it – What i played was enough to tell me that it was NOTHING like the originals.

        Unfortunatey, i think you are correct about the ‘positive spin’ treatment, which is a shame as that means that they think we are idiots & won’t notice.

  3. *Reads Youtube comments*

    *Throws up*

    • *Reads above comment and goes searching*

      *Throws up*

      • *Reads above comments*

        “Ah, screw it. How bad could it be?”

        *Throws up. Twice.*

    • The youth of today. *tut tut*

    • What silly little boys they are.

  4. hmmm…. I think i’ll stick to Shawn White Snowboarding myself..
    does anyone else still play that?

    • I really didn’t like it, the handling felt off & the gameplay just wasn’t exhilarating like SSX of old

      • My fave was always 1080 on the N64, though whether that holds up particularly well these days is debatable.

      • I loved Cool Boarders way back when. They’re utterly dreadful now, mind. I reckon if SSX proves to be a big hit, there’s room for a super-spangly PS3 version of Cool Boarders.

  5. What better thing to do on my first Valentines day of married life, eh?

    Looks sweet, brings back some great memories.

  6. That’s a terrible remix. Bring the back the classics I say.

  7. Wish I could get my feet out my snowboard that quickly. Spend more time trying to get the bloody thing on than snowboarding.

    As per game, not really convinced. Just can’t get past the desire for tricky.

  8. Looks lovely although it showed nothing new. Still. Very excited to see how it turns out.

  9. Mot even sure I’ll bargain bin this. And I watched it with the sound muted, as I take offense to dubstep.

  10. Not the best remix but I quite like the fact that more and more games embrace electronic music. Now if there only was a DJing based game that actually focused on that genre…
    The game itself looks quite nice. I loved the guy doing planking spins on the grind rail. Best move ever? :D

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