Stranger’s Wrath HD Is Finished

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD is finally complete, with the PS3 version getting a release date ‘soon’.  There are some considerable changes to the Xbox version bringing the game up to date.

Oddworld have also released a list of changes:



  • All 84 character models have been updated with increased polygon counts and higher resolution textures. This includes all three variations of Live Ammo: Those in the environment, those on the Crossbow and those in the General Store.
  • Wolvark Sloghandlers now release Slogs instead of Slegs.
  • Professor Dimble now has glasses and an academic tome.
  • Jo’ Mamma has a deeper voice.


  • All environments have been given higher resolution textures.
  • Most vegetation has been updated with increased polygon counts and/or higher resolution textures.
  • A lot of environment is now reflected in water where it didn’t before.
  • Pipes and barrels rounded.
  • Added Blisterz Booty’s broken crud gun to the floor by his bola’d body, as it is in the opening CG Cinematic.
  • Sekto’s Office has been changed to more closely resemble than seen in the CG Cinematic.


  • All game audio (voice, sound effects and music) have been upgraded to 16-bit 44KHz from 8-bit 11KHz or less!
  • Support for 5.1, Dolby Digital and DTS.
  • New female voices have been recorded for two characters.


  • Everything now runs at 720p, 60 FPS, widescreen.
  • All UI menus have been updated with a new design based on original unused concepts.
  • Textures added to stamina and bounty bars.
  • Save game GUIs replaced with standard PlayStation 3 interface.
  • New posters now occupy the inventory menu when no bounty is accepted.
  • MLAA – Full screen PS3 only anti-aliasing.


  • All armour upgrades now actually increase Stranger’s health.
  • Added difficulty levels to the game: Easy, Medium and Hard.
  • In easy mode: Stranger has twice the health; Enemies have half the health and stamina; Enemies’ stamina recovers half as fast.
  • In hard mode: Stranger has a third less health; Enemies take a bit more to kill


  • 37 trophies: 23 bronze, 8 silver, 5 gold, 1 platinum. 18 of these are brand new, not in the PC port.
  • Unlockable concept art and movie extras for completing each region of the game.

As soon as we get a confirmed release date we’ll let you know.



  1. Sounds brilliant. A lot of hard work has gone into remaking the game, can’t wait to see the results. :)

  2. Wow, that’s a pretty comprehensive remake!

  3. Just take my money already! *throwsmoneyathisscreen*

    • Agreed. Never played it when it was released. Can’t wait to give it a go.

  4. ”Oddworld have also released a list of changes” shouldn’t that be Justaddwater?

  5. Thankfully it’s going to be out before Christmas, and I want it day 1. JAW deserves credit for such an amazing remastering/remake that vomits in the face of all other HD-remasterings. I wonder when the Oddworld games for Vita will be out and wether there will be reason to buy them on both platforms?

    • While this might be an awesome remake, I don’t think it could compete with what Microsoft did with the Halo: Combat Evolved remake.

      • The Halo HD spit-shine was almost a total rebuild rather than a remake.

  6. Okay I guess that’s me pretty much sold then. I played a couple of demos on the PS1 but I think that’s my only experience with Oddworld games. I think I liked them, but found them very confusing. In one couldn’t you fart or something?

  7. I’m really looking forward to this. Abe’s games were great, but I never played Strangers Wrath.

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