Guerilla Games Hard At Work On New Killzone

According to Edge magazine, which is arriving with subscribers today, Guerilla Games are hard at work on the next Killzone game.

The magazine features quotes from Killzone 2 and 3’s senior producer, Steven Ter Heide which seem to indicate that there is something more than Killzone Vita in the pipeline. That PlayStation Vita Killzone game is being handled by Sony Cambridge so the assumption is that this is a new instalment in the main, home console, lineage which is as-yet-unannounced by SCE – Killzone 4? Perhaps.

Coupled with the assertion, again from Edge, a few days ago that there was at least one Sony studio that had completely switched focus to the next generation of Sony hardware and you could be forgiven for reaching the hugely speculative conclusion that Killzone 4 for the PlayStation 4 might just be in development already.

Wild speculation, for sure, but it makes a certain degree of sense. What do you think?

Source: Gamerzines



  1. Would make sense to concentrate on Killzone 4 as a launch title for the PS4, look even the numbers match! :)

    • Having some really kickass launch titles would definitely be a huge motivator for people (ie; me) to upgrade console expidently. Also I agree with the comments below that I doubt Guerilla can squeeze much more power from the PS3.

      • Can’t wait for a new Naughty Dog series! After they do Uncharted 4 of course :D

    • well duh if you only played the third game you would know that there was going to be another killzone

  2. This I really hope is true. REALLY. I don’t want another Killzone on PS3, its already been done as well as it’s going to get. KZ4 on PS4 though, YES PLEASE!

    • See I’d like a killzone hd collection release but not a new chapter untill ps4 like you said.

      • yeah KZ3 is the best it will get on PS3 I believe, it looked stunning. That would mean we would have to wait a fair few years for it though.

  3. Timelines make sense. KZ4 for PS4 gives them enough time to get to grips with the new hardware. Sony also need some big brand titles at launch, with Killzone fitting that bill nicely.

  4. Hoepfully this is the last one. Really like Killzone but I really want to see a new IP from Guerilla.

  5. The same conclusion I jumped to a few days ago regarding the PS4 news.

    To me, it would either have to be Guerilla or Naughty Dog (with the ICE Team) but I assume the latter will have been tied up getting Uncharted 3 out of the door.

    Sounds promising if a developer who’s already doing very good stuff with the PS3 has been advising what the new console should be capable of.

  6. Might also be Killzone 4 on the PS3 for a 2013 release.

    I truly hope its a prequel — from the Helghast viewpoint.

    • story is yet not finished, well I’m guessing so from the ending. So I wouldn’t wan’t a prequel

  7. This could be awesome; as one of the few they squeezed the maximum out of the PS3; their work on the PS4 should be amazing.

  8. Would be nice if the new IP was the priority in my opinion. They’ve worked solidly on the KZ franchise for a good 5/6 years, they must be itching to work on and release something new and different. And it would be to the benefit of PlayStation of they did.

    • I’d actually say a franchise is what’s needed to help sell the next console and sony/playstation as a whole. I can remember myself ‘having’ to buy a 360 at launch just cause I wanted to play halo 3. And i even have a similar need with the vita since I love uncharted.

      After that they should focus on a new IP in my opinion.

      • Yeah, you’re totally right, I too would be hugely tempted to upgrade if they were to put it on PS4… Good launch games are vital, hopefully a difference we can make and show between the Vita and 3DS. On a purely factual and non-faboyist basis.

  9. I’m with the “I’d like KZ4 oon the PS4” camp as I feel that the KZ franchise has run its course on the PS3.

  10. KZ3 was terrible IMO. It looked great, but the SP was bad/boring and the MP has been ruined from KZ2, where it worked so well.

    Hopefully they can get back to producing something thats balance on MP and SP does something different and exciting.
    Two rumours about ps4 in the last two days aswell, surely its on the horizon.

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