Metal Gear Solid 5: Substance and Perception

The Official PlayStation Magazine has been one of the magazines I’ve always had a bit of a fondness for. Sure, their companion disc is useless to me these days and they’ve lost a bit of potency when measured against the news coverage online and the outstanding features work done both online and in specialist magazines like Edge and GamesTM. I always feel comfortable with OPSM though, like an old friend with some interesting views.

They’re not infallible though, and they’ve made some egregious claims in the past. Particularly the times they post big cover claims about having their “verdict” for huge games’ releases, and post scores on those “verdicts” before the review embargo is up. Publishing what was, in all meaningful ways, a review before reviews were sanctioned (or perhaps even possible, with unfinished code…)


Now it seems that they might be preparing to backtrack on their claims, clearly written on their big cover reveal, that Metal Gear Solid 5 is on the way.

Dan Dawkins, Editor in Chief of a few of OPSM’s stablemates (though not OPSM itself), has tweeted this morning that there is “Some incredible B/S being written about MGS5 based on a coverline allusion – but you’d be mad to miss next issue of @OPM_UK”.

[drop2]Sorry Dan… “coverline allusion”? You mean this cover, which has the words “Metal Gear Solid 5 Details” written on it?

Fair enough, it’s light on details but the notion that the fifth instalment is underway is surely only reinforced by this line in the accompanying OPSM website text that went with the big cover tease “…openly discusses his plans for Metal Gear Solid 5 …for the first time”

There’s not much “allusion” there.

Of course, Dan might be referring to some nefarious website that’s making up details which haven’t been disclosed. From what I’ve seen around though, every website is simply excited for – and clamouring for more info on – Metal Gear Solid 5. Everyone is talking about the promise made by OPSM’s big exciting cover reveal. Wasn’t that the point of OPSM’s big, exciting cover reveal? Isn’t it shifting traffic to OPSM’s new website, as intended? So why imply that the people OPSM tried to get excited now being excited is somehow an irresponsible thing?

I contacted Dan this morning to ask for clarification on what he meant and, to his immeasurable credit, he responded. It seems that Dan’s concern isn’t that the MGS5 story that OPSM has is in any way erroneous or misleading, more that the amount of information might be overstated by some of the sites commenting. Particularly that “Kojima’s level of involvement, and the timing, might not yet be certain”. Dan concluded his reply to me with the somewhat prophetic “Kojima is a smart man, and he’ll know how his words can be interpreted”. Which is, of course, a very pertinent point.

OPSM will do what they can to gather interest in their fantastic exclusive, of course they will, that’s their business. So they tease what they’ve got and get us all excited about it. But Kojima knows what he’s doing too, so whatever he’s given OPSM will likely be just enough that they can tease us and not so much that Kojima Productions is giving anything too meaningful away.

Should we worry that OPSM has been a little over-excited themselves about their day with Kojima and said more than they should have – more than they’ve got? Will the next OPSM actually have the details it promises or is this going to be a case of promising substance which simply isn’t there?

There’s only one way to find out: pick up OPSM when it hits newsstands on 29th of November.

Oh, sorry, there’s two ways: whatever the tease is will be all over the internet as soon as subscriber issues of OPSM start to land on doormats, probably even on OPSM’s shiny new website. Still, buy the magazine though, yeah? It’ll have nicer pictures.



  1. Even with the hype I’m still interested in the interview as a whole with Kojima to maybe pick up a copy. The price is a bit steep in my opinion for a mag with only one feature I’m currently interested in.

  2. They know exactly what they’re doing. It’s business as usual. Put something that is technically accurate on the cover to generate heat, and then downplay it through other media channels which you can later point to when people say: “That’s it? Kojima said he’d like to pass on the MGS torch and that there will likely be a MGS5?”

  3. Mag bought for def…I need to know. Any MGS News is news worth reading!

  4. I will be happy as long as Kojima even mentions MGS5 because at least its in his mind that its a possibility. You have to take magazine claims with a pinch of salt these days. the printed media is getting a pounding and they have to do everything to get readers.

  5. I don’t care what anyone says, the Official PlayStation Magazine is the BEST gaming mag out there. Always has been since the PS1 days
    + come on Kojima help the PlayStation brand out and bring out a MGS5 for the PS3 only & then a MGS6 for the PS4 only[remember who your loyal fans are i.e the PlayStation fans) ;)

    • Come on Kojima, release the game as multiplatform so as many gamers as possible can enjoy your games.

      • Couldn’t agree more, whilst exclusives may be good business there’s no way they’re good for consumers.

      • I disagree. Though they don’t benefit all consumers I would argue that they do benefit those who actually can play them by virtue of having money lavished upon them by Sony/MS/Ninty.

        You can gemerally expect better graphics, fewer glitches and a game which fully utilises all features of the console it’s developed for. Certainly some consumers benefit from exclusives.

        Though you are entirely right in saying that the main reason companies have first party studios and games is to generate a competitive advantage over their rivals.

      • really hope it is just on PS3.

  6. News sites/magazines often do things like this. I seem to recall even TSA once posted about an “Xbox Favourite coming to PS3” drumming up lots of hype, then backtracking after a few days when people got excited, which seems pretty similar to this, to be honest. (Side note: was the name of that game ever revealed?)

  7. Got to be honest, clicked on this article expecting something about Metal Gear Solid 5…..

    • OPM is still the only magazine I buy, the quality of reviews is something everyone should look up to. Even if you think the score is wrong, they do at least justify it, well, most of the time. More than most.

    • Yeah I assumed it was a special edition name or something, certainly sounds like a subtitle they would use.

      Any headline big showy headline should be taken with a huge dose of salt, of course they’re going to twist the truth to get more sales, generate more buzz – you can’t tell me this is the first time a headline has promised the world when the reality is somewhat more stark.

  8. that would be sweet metal gear 5 did Official PlayStation Magazine review the hd metal gear games due next year

  9. Didn’t Kojima say years ago that MGS4 was the end of the story? Unless 5 is a sequel to Peace Walker, maybe? I remain sceptical and incapable of decent sentence structure.

    • He said it was the end of Snake’s story, and I assume that includes Big Boss too. Although the story can and probablu will continue through other characters. I’d much rather them start an entirely new story with the same gameplay principles though.

  10. Is the title of this thread deliverately ironic in relation to it’s content or the bad kind of ironic?

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