New Trailer Released for FIFA Street

A new trailer has been released for FIFA Street. Due out early 2012, Street ditches the realistic approach of normal FIFA games, and instead focuses on tricks and fast paced gameplay.

Also note in the trailer how no-one falls to the floor, pretending to be injured.

Source: YouTube


  1. Actually really like the look of this. If it came out on the Vita I would probably buy. Never been a fan of footy games on handhelds or smartphones, but something a bit more light hearted like this is ideal.

    Won’t be buying if its main console only though.

    • Is it going to be vita? The trailer doesn’t mention it, nor does your story, but the picture for it on the front page is the Vita news picture.

      I’m confused.

      • Yeah, I dunno why a Vita pic’s been used

  2. looks great i have been missing fifa street and now with the advancements in the gameplay and the impact engine in FIFA 12 its looking to be the best street yet

  3. When did they say that it was going to be released for psvita?

  4. Oooh, is this coming to Vita?

  5. Ah they are singing in Swedsih :D, thought I new what they said :P.

  6. Erm, I have no idea why they Vita pic is up. It shouldn’t be.

  7. I WANT THIS! Feel happy that I didn’t get fifa 12 :)

  8. So… Street is only 5 a side football then? Looks properly good I think – not a football fan and only played a bit of fifa 11 and 12, and smatterings of others. I wish I could do any one of the moves in that game, truly awful at footy.

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