Rampage Movie In Development

Hold your horses, yes this is a movie-of-a-game but it’s going to be good. There is absolutely no way to screw this one up as the original game had a one line plot to begin with.

For our younger readers, Rampage was a classic arcade game in which three humans are mutated into Lizzie the giant lizard, George a giant gorilla and Ralph the giant werewolf . The giant beasts would then smash apart anything they could find and nom a few soldiers as tasty snacks.


New Line Cinema are holding talks to find writers for the project and the movie will ‘take advantage of the title and the visuals of the game.’

It’s Godzilla vs. King Kong with added Wolfman, it can’t fail.

Source: Hollywood Reporter



  1. “Take advantage of the visuals”.


    • World’s first “straight to Youtube” film, perhaps?

      I presume they mean it will be animated in a retro (and probably therefore cheap!) style, but who knows?

    • You take advantage of MY visuals

      • Lol – What does that even mean?? :D

  2. Err what? *rereads the article a 100 times to make sure that he read what he thought he read*

    It is not film worthy due to the lack of a plot. Even though i’ve never heard of rampage, i doubt it will be a decent film. Unless they do it as a monster vs monster film with a few subplots.

    But why do i get the feeling that Uwe boll will get to direct this? :S

    • If they can make a film about the game ‘Asteroids’, i’m sure they can stretch a thin plot over this! :)

      • There was a film about Asteroids!? O_O *facepalms so hard that his hand comes out of the back of his head*

      • they haven’t made the Asteroids film yet, but it’s being written now apparently.

        and if you think Asteroids is bad, remember an Angry Birds film is being planned.

    • Since when has plot (or lack thereof) got in the way of a Summer blockbuster?

  3. It’s giong to be a true blockbuster! :-D

  4. So, Halo never gets made into a movie, but a game with barely any plot does? They really do bring themselves shame for taking on this project.

  5. Bring’s back some good memories.

  6. I will await patiently, and then tape myself to my seat to avoid injury when I fall off laughing.

  7. I hope they go for a Sci-Fy feel like the so bad its good Mega Snake movies – that’d win me over. I love them, its an example of how to make an awful film and still have you glued to the seat with various drinking games like “spot the bad cgi / bad actor”

  8. Awesome.

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