‘Rick O’Shea’ Announced for iOS and Android

YoYo Games has announced that ‘Rick O’Shea’ will be released on iOS and Android next week, on Tuesday 22nd. The game involves firing Rick out of a canon, and guiding him to the level exit.

It sounds simple, however, you can tell just by watching the trailer that this will get ridiculously addictive. Act 1 of the game will be free to download, with additional Acts costing 69p.


Source: Press Release



  1. niceee! :)

  2. Defo going to pick that up, looks right up my street for winding away delayed trips on the central line.

  3. Glad there starting to release games on Android same time as iOS.

  4. ooo that looks fun and yeah I think its good that they are releasing stuff on android at the same time as ios. Why should we not get it at the same time..

  5. That actually looks pretty fun. Not a fan of handheld touchscreen phone games, but that looks like it’s worth pop, and who could say no for 69p?

  6. The art style ruins it for me, would mobile developers please stop copying stylistic choices off each other please :3

  7. Well worth 69p of anyones money.

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