Starhawk Private Beta Kicks Off Next Week

LightBox Interactive has today announced that beta testing for its upcoming sci-fi, vehicle-heavy shooter will begin on Tuesday November 22nd. To begin with there will be very limited access, the studio promising that the most “loyal” members of the Warhawk community should expect their e-mails in the coming weeks. Registering with the official Starhawk website could also net you a beta, Sony confirming that a number of gaming outlets will also be running giveaways.

A public beta is expected to roll out at the beginning of next year which will be available to voucher-holders who purchased new copies of Uncharted 3. We’ve also got a hunch that PlayStation Plus members will also be able to get in on the action.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog



  1. Really think public betas have more negative effect then postive effect on sales. Most people really don’t know what beta is and think everything will be the same in the final product.

    • Most public betas = demos, which most gamers don’t understand. But yes, some expect things to be perfect.

      • Funny thing is, the annoying things almost always carry on to the final game. “It’s a beta” excuse only works for so much time.

      • Another funny thing we, as a gaming community see quite a lot, “Here’s a beta for you” only for hte next day to be told “it’s gone gold”

    • Exactly! How many more units would BF3 have shifted if EA hadn’t of dished out that Alpha/Beta to the general public?

      • I HATED the battlefield beat with a passion it just felt,played and at time looked awful and had so many connecting to server issues but saying that i still rushed out and bought it on release!

  2. really acnt wait to play the beat! most probably the public beta.Loved warhawk was incredible online the most fun i have ever had online even topping Burnout Paradise which was immense

  3. Warhawk was immense fun, so I hope I get an invite, although I wouldn’t call myself a ‘loyal’ member of the Warhawk club.

  4. Would love to get an invite. Not gonna happen tho

  5. Jealous of the pros that are gonna get the passes, totally gonna jump in on the later beta though, looks amazing.

  6. I got Uncharted 3 new. There was no mention of Sharhawk inside. Means i’m screwed?

    • Same here, This bit made me very curious too as I have seen nothing of Starhawk in the UC3 packaging.

      • Yup same. Hope i dont get left out as the offer was confirmed for EU aswell.

      • Ditto. It feels this is getting a habit of Sony: all promises, but in the end we’re fooled: the promised Saints Row exclusive mode, the promised BF 1943 with BF3 & now this.

      • The Starhawk voucher was only included in US reatil copies of the games. Europe got shafted again and will probably be a PS Plus thing.

      • i’m not saying they haven’t left it out but it is a possibility that it’ll work for anyone who downloaded the UC3 online pass, that’s how the mass effect 3 beta will work for bf3 buyers.

  7. How will they decide who gets betas from the warhawk players ?

  8. I don’t know how loyal I am, but I am a really big fan of Warhawk, I sometimes play the games now and than and have no problem finding a game… such a fun game!
    Mainly because it keeps it simple(no dozens of addons for a rifle)

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