Skyrim: The Adventures of Strongfury – Part Two

[Note: The Adventure of Strongfury contains Skyrim spoilers. Part One here]

Turdas 20th of Last Seed

Completed one Companion task today which was to kill a wolf that had somehow entered and taken over a dwelling in Riverwood. An easy task. Took me longer to walk to Riverwood than to kill the beast.  Walked around the area to clear my head. Beautiful day, no danger.

Fredas 21st of Last Seed

Death and destruction follow me.  One of the Companions, Skjor, has been killed by Silver Hands, the same group Farkas and I fought in the Cairn. It all began when I became more than I was. I embraced the Werewolf blessing and I have become one. Aela the Huntress, Skjor and I went to take out the Silver Hands. Skjor went ahead to scout the Silver Hand’s camp. Aela and I followed. Immediatly we were attacked, a long battle where we had to fight through the ruins. We found Skjor’s body. I killed this group’s leader in fury. There are more Silver Hands out there. I swear that I will avenge Skjor.

[drop]Loredas 22nd of Last Seed

I have come to Solitude. This city is a terrible place. I am here to get away from the Companions for a while. I had also come here to control the bloodlust I feel since becoming a werewolf. I feel confused. Today I accepted a job from an Argonian thief, which was to help wreck a ship by putting out the lighthouse fire.

I am ashamed to say I accepted and did it, for a share of the ship’s goods. I was promised the crew would not be harmed. The intial plan went off without a hitch but when I went to claim my share a group of Black Mauraders were waiting. They had killed the sailors and now they were instructed to kill me. I fought back and murdered them all. The Argonian was not among them but I shall hunt him down and make him beg for his life. He will die.

Sundas 23rd of Last Seed

Someone wants me dead. I do not know who. I only know because an assassin attacked me while I was taking a walk in the woods. Someone has hired the Dark Brotherhood to take me out. As I am writing this, it is obvious the assassin failed but they will send more.  Whoever wants me dead is too much of a coward to do it themselves.

Morndas 24th of Last Seed

Nord. Werewolf. Dragonborn.

These are what I am. I feel as if I am a stranger and everything I thought I knew about myself a lie. It all began with the Stone Tablet Jarl Blagruuf’s mage wanted. I found it in Bleak Falls Barrow, a cold, dismal place. Again the dead rose, again I fought them. I also found a Golden Claw which had been stolen from a shopkeeper. It turned out it was used to open a door in Barrow.  I took some things including a powerful Greatsword. I returned to Whiterun with the tablet, thinking I could rest for the rest of day, drink some mead in the inn. It was not to be.

A dragon attacked Whiterun. I’m certain it was the same one that destroyed Helgan and now I feared it would consume my adopted home. Jarl Balgruuf called on myself and his guards to slay the beast. None of us had been prepared for this but we ventured to the attack site and as soon as we got there a deafening roar was heard. The dragon swooped on us and engulfed the men in flames. I ran to the top of a tower. I had to use a bow and arrow, a weapon I am not too familiar with, to bring the beast down. I wasn’t sure if I was dealing the beast any harm but it eventually  landed. I jumped down towards it, equipped my Warhammer and crushed the beast’s skull. Not even a mighty dragon can take a Warhammer to the head. I looked around, seeing the damage and corpses of the brave guards who had helped me.

[drop2]I looked back at the dragon’s body and suddenly it glowed. I was consumed by this magic. It was over instantly but I was changed. A survivor was in shock and told me I was Dragonborn, a person who understood dragon language and someone who fought them and consumed dragon souls. That was what the glow had been. Soon after another thunderous roar rocked the land and for a moment I believed another dragon had come to avenge its kin. It wasn’t.

The roar turned out to be a summons from a group named the Greybeards. They live on the Throat of the World and are masters of Thu’um or the Voice and have called me to teach me. I must make provisions for this journey.

Turdas 27th of Last Seed

For the last 3 days I felt my life was in mortal danger. I had found an old encampment on the mountains near Windhelm, which in turn had been set up by explorers who had found an old Dwemer ruin. Being the curious soul I am I also went into the ruins. I didn’t know what I expected to find. I went in and almost instantly was set upon by metal spiders. The Dwemer may be gone but their creations still patrol the ruins. I went deeper and came across a Khaljit from the exploration party. Without warning he also attacked me. I had to kill him and leave his body in the ruins.

This entire mountain seemed to have been hollowed out by the Dwemer for the construction of this place, an impressive feat.  The further I went the more metal beasts I encountered. Then things took a turn towards a darker path.  I noticed blood on the floor and walls and then I saw them. Falmer.

Blind and quick, a group of them attacked me. I fought them off and slayed them but at a cost to my own health. I was running low on provisions and had to retreat from this impressive but cursed ruin. I can only imagine that the blood I found was of the explorers who went before me. I escaped to find myself fighting other beasts. A good warrior knows when to fight and when to retreat. More than once I had to retreat. I think I even glimpsed a dragon flying over but it didn’t see me.

I am now at the inn in Windhelm where I shall rest and think of what to do next.



  1. Awesome read again!

    • Agreed. I have found myself looking forward to this for the past week!

  2. Loving these. Really cool feature, I also had some trouble in some of those Dwemer ruins. The dragon that attacked Whiterun isn’t the same one that flattened Helgen though.

    • A dragon did something in Whiterun to the companions ruining the quests, had to go back to a older save, gutted.

      Vilkas… died…. Aela disappeared >.>

      • What a pain, the quests for the companions are great though so worth doing, and then there’s Wuuthraad to look forward to when you finish the last quest.

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. Already have some notes written for Part 3.

  4. Fantastic read, please keep them coming.

  5. Great article, loving reading along with your exploits in Skyrim. Makes want this game even more!

  6. Amazing how your game is completely different to my game of Skyrim,

    Once, I was chopping wood in Morthal when a dragon swooped down and started attacking!

    • Although I also had that assassin guy.

      • The summon guy you get from dark brotherhood? (I’m guessing it’s Vincente Valtieri but don’t think they confirm this). I found him useless against dragons. Just gets hammered and dies for the day.

  7. Excellent. :-) I wonder how Strongfury will react when he faces more then 1 dragon at a time? Also i wonder if he will get drunk?

    Strongfury should not have retreated as a Nord never retreats! I faced 2 nercomauncers in Oblivion who keep summoning a skeleton and a zombie and was tough to kill. Took me 15minutes and a broken silver sword as well resorting to boxing them.

    I bet i could beat you Strongfury! :p

  8. Great read once again. I’ve had that assassin guy find me twice now, but like Strongfury I crushed him each time. Out of interest OJ how much time into Skyrim are you now, 5 hours, 10, or more?

    • I’d say about 20. I’ve cut lots of stuff out because otherwise this would turn into a novel.

  9. Great read. Like Micky said it’s funny how different our games are but at the same time, similar. Needless to say, you some up how amazing and diverse it is. How many more of these can we expect?

    • I’ll do it until the end of the main story probably. Haven’t got a number of how many more. Will probably wrap up before Christmas.

      • Just don’t do any side missions before completing the main story as it may turn into a slide show by the end of the game. I hit 10mb for my save file and the game won’t run for longer than around 1-2 hours before it turns into a flick book. Oh how I adore paying to QA Bethesda games.

    • Just noticed my lovely fail at “sum”ming up. And I hate bad grammar/spelling.

  10. This. Is. BRILLANT! Clever idea guys, can’t wait to see what’s next.

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