PSN Offline (Again)

Morning! How is everyone this misty Sunday? If you’re hungover then congratulations, you have something in common with the PSN which seems to be rather off colour.

The PSN Store is not working and displays either an error or the maintenance message. The early rising TSA member Roynaldo has just tried to sign and and guess what – he can’t.


Slightly more concerning is the that the PlayStation website login is also offline, if you try to enter your username you get proxy errors or a blank screen.

I’m going to saunter up the road to get a nice full English,  I suggest you do something similar.

Update: It seems to be back up again. Just a hiccup then? Can’t say I blame it, to be honest, I don’t feel much like working on a Sunday morning either. [cb]



  1. Fyi.:

    “I have the confirmation that engineers are on the case.

    It’s effecting all services, so that will include the PS Store and sign-ins on console and websites. If you’re currently signed in then don’t sign out”

    That’s pretty much all the info, there is out there right now :|

    • When I tried, and failed, to sign in I got a message that PSN was under maintenance. It was working fine earlier in the day, bout 9-11.

  2. I really hope it is not PSN hack wars:the return of Lulz. :S
    Hopefully, it’s just Sony being a pain in the backside and decided to do maintance today without letting anyone know.

    Now I’m going to make myself a cup of tea and have some cereal.

    • Hopefully it is just that and, likewise, I’m off for brunch after a night out. Morning everyone!

      • bit late for cereal there steven. I was having an early lunch by then.

        On topic though. It annoys me when people make a big deal over this giving sony stick. (btw I don’t mean the article, just general comments)

      • I didn’t get up untill half 11. :) Besides, it’s a Sunday and thus it’s the law to be lazy. :P

  3. This actually calmed me down, I taught it was a problem on my side. I had a problem last week which I fixed.
    Lets just hope it isn’t hackers again D:

  4. Or! Did some accidently trip on the plug…
    Shutting down all services.

  5. Hope it’s OK by 5pm, or TSA F1 Group A won’t be racing.

  6. Oh well! lets just hope there has been no hacking this time!

  7. is it back now, i heard it was?

  8. Firmware update on it’s way. The PSN always seems to go up and down just before a release.

    • Firmware update happened 3 days ago lol

      • Damn auto update. Never notice anymore.

      • The auto update didn’t, just as well it’s only a small download so won’t take long.

  9. Hopefully someone just messed up and it’s not the PSN Hack 2: The Lulz Ship Returns

  10. Doesn’t seem right for maintenance to be taking place on a Sunday…
    I just hope that Sony release something either today or tomorrow saying what it is, if there has been a hack.

    • It’s not maintenance. The maintenance error page is just what they throw up when it hits the fan.

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