Do You Want A New Final Fantasy Every Year?

The Final Fantasy series producer, Yoshinori Kitase, thinks that Final Fantasy should adopt a more frequent release schedule. In an interview with GameReactor, he has commented that Final Fantasy XIII took a little too long and he thinks fans need annual or biennial releases to keep them interested in a franchise.

When you think of Western AAA titles like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Assassin’s Creed, they seem to work with a lot shorter turnaround – they make a new game in one to two years. That is something we need to follow up, because that seems to be the best way to keep our fans interested and attracted to the franchise.

A lot of Final Fantasy fans might be horrified to see the series producer expressing an interest in emulating the Call of Duty model but it’s difficult to argue with Kitase’s logic from a business perspective.


Kitase went on to say that they “were determined to produce Final Fantasy XIII-2 in a short time,” getting it done and ready for release in less than eighteen months. This means that XIII-2 will be released less than two years after Final Fantasy XIII, something Kitase says “is okay”.

Of course, this line of reasoning ignores all of the fringe Final Fantasy titles which are released during the series’ “down time”. Games like the Dissidia and the Kingdom Hearts series which have heavy Final Fantasy elements, but aren’t instalments in the main series, surely keep the core franchise in gamer’s minds?

So what about you, the Final Fantasy fans? Are you happy to see Square Enix emulate Activision’s recipe for franchise success?

Source: GameReactor



  1. No, it just wouldn’t work.

    Yes it works with some franchises like COD, but mostly they just end up feeling like rehashes of the previous game, like, well, COD.

    A year would just not be enough time for a final fantasy game. To make an open world with a good story and well defined characters takes longer than that.

    Dragon Age 2 had a much shorter development time then Dragon Age: Origins and it showed, environments were constantly reused and there wasn’t a lot of verity too the enemies either.

    I can’t help but feel that if they went down this route it would kill the franchise.

  2. I don’t want an annual FF release. I love the games but I don’t want them to sacrifice content and quality for quantity. However, they managed to release VII-X within 4 years and these games are often considered the best of the series so history shows us that Square Enix is able to pull off something amazing in a short amount of time. Maybe if they had less time to work on a game they would be less likely to lose their way and add stuff the fans don’t want and instead focus more on the core features (story, game world, characters, etc).
    I’m glad they realize that they sometimes take too long to get that next FF title to the market but I don’t want them to rush a game. Bi-annual releases would be a nice start. PS3 development takes longer than it did back in the PS1 days so a bi-annual release might translate to the almost annual release schedule they had back then.
    Now please give us Versus XIII!

    • Yet theres a huge difference between that gen and this… it would be great but in this age, sadly it would just damgage quality, length and maybe create more bugs imo.

      • I’m sure they have more than one team that works on Final Fantasy titles so with two dedicated theams they could release games on a bi-annual basis and still allow devs to effectively work four years on a game. It’s certainly doable. Hell, Naughty Dog released Uncharted games every two years and they turned out great. With a bigger team it’s possible to scale that up to a Final Fantasy caliber game.

  3. As long as it doesnt impact quality, Im all for the “every 2 years” approach. Ubi do it very well with Assasins Creed now, high quality in a short time frame, so as long as Square can get the stuidos to work on that kind of a framework, I cant see any detrimental effect.

  4. No. Final Fantasy needs a while to develop in order to be excellent. If they did it on a yearly basis, chances are that we would end up with the same game but with a different story.

    I don’t care how long it takes for them to make an excellent FF game as it is usually worth the wait. If they do go down the yearly route, i’ll probably not get any more FF games.

  5. No, no, no, no !
    Just make avoid one again, or pull your finger out and release Versus….

  6. No, no, no, no !
    Just make a good one again, or pull your finger out and release Versus….

    • How did you double post but manage to correct your mistakes of your first post in the second one? :D

  7. Many have already faced the dispair of Square Enix, they badly need to win there fans back… I mean I doubt a guy that is a AC fan or COD would buy Final Fantasy. So I hope they don’t take the route of super casualing the franchise for the Americans and British…. its death along with gaming would be tragic.

    • You forgot the French! Wait, what are we playing again?
      I don’t understand what Americans and Brits have to do with this.
      Also, people who play AC or CoD can still be FF fans. I’m a huge FF fan and I played AC1 and 2, so what’s your point?

    • Huh? I mean ones that wouldn’t like bother just ones that are heavily hyped.. I don’t think FF is that but maybe tiredness made it a bit flawed (>.>)…and I wouldn’t bother with the rest since I haven’t a clue what Europe is like.

  8. I think one a year is too much, maybe once every two years. They are huge games and need a lot of time to complete. I don’t want a rushed final fantasy, I want one that’s been well though out and made with love, not with how much money they could get if they release one a year.

  9. Square Enix don’t be goddamn greedy and don’t ever make Final Fantasy each year you might fail and lose alot faithful customers. I want lots of contents… not Final Fantasy 2012, 2013, 2014 etc

    • Indeed. I don’t think it’s wise for him to compare FF to CoD as I imagine that CoD takes a lot less time to develop and isn’t as content rich.
      I think SE are just seeing dollar signs since the last figures for CoD: MW3 and want a piece of the pie.
      While the thought of one every year would be nice (decently done), I think it would turn into overkill and people would get fatigued from playing such a large epic every year.

      Part of the FF appeal is the anticipation – it would lose some of its magic if it was annual.

  10. I want a new FF game when they’ve finished one made with love and care. If that’s every 2 years, great. If it’s every 4 or 5, great. I just want characters I can emote with and a world to get lost inside.

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