Call Of Duty Elite Gains 1 Million Subscribers

The premium Call Of Duty ‘experience’, Call Of Duty Elite, has gained one million subscribers in just six days, thus lining Activision’s already bulging pockets with roughly another $50 million in spare change.

To celebrate the news, Activision have let Bobby Kotick out his box – he’s been rather quiet since they hired a new PR team, have you not noticed?


The audience response to Call of Duty Elite‘s premium service has been beyond our expectations, and we want to thank Call of Duty players around the world for their unprecedented enthusiasm,

After a few teething troubles Activision now claim ‘that the service is now performing stably and anyone who wants to try Call of Duty Elite is now able to do so.’

Source: Press Release



  1. is that 1 million paid subs? or just 1 million people have signed up? if its the later then its not really all that impressive…

    • 1 million paid subscribers, and 4 million have signed up for free, according to Eurogamer.

  2. I still havent opened my hardened edition to use the Elite code.

  3. If that’s 100 paid for subscriptions it’s really quite a frightening precedent for any dev/pub to set.

  4. Is it working smoothly now? I thought they said it wouldn’t be fully functional until the 1st Dec?

  5. Smh…people paying for DLC they haven’t even seen or heard anything about yet, paying for stats, and also some extra slots in theater mode. Boy…next thing they’ll sell a game where you’ll have to subscribe to get guns. Make it F2P with spitballs as weapons, but if you want guns, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee.

    Put CoD in the title, and it’ll sell.

  6. Jesus that is epic.

    • Thanks, but it really wasn’t all me. Got to thank my good friend Bobby K!

      • Really? Amusing, but I worry by your ‘Member since: Nov 2011’ tag that you signed up just to do that. A little too much effort for a poor joke..?

  7. I still have no idea what Elite consists of. It’s extremely expensive whatever it is.

  8. Next you’ll be able to buy hats…

  9. It appears my boycott of MW3 which was inspired in part by my perception of this Elite scheme as Activision putting the feelers out for other additional revenue options has failed.

    Oh well, at least it forced me to discover BF3 which has now settled into awesomeness.

  10. To all the people who are bashing the Elite Premium service. It is not just stat tracking and extra slots. There is a whole wealth of extra content in there for the CoD fan and regular player to enjoy.
    But the main two which make it worth the purchase for those who do put in the hours into the MP are:
    Competitions open only availiable to Elite memembers for in game and real world prizes.
    And the 9 pieces of DLC being free.
    I can understand people are not keen on the idea, but please if your going to bash it, understand what it offers first.

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