Looks Like MotorStorm Could Be Coming To PlayStation Vita

We’ve sent an envoy to a special press Vita event tonight in That London, and whilst he’s no doubt looking forward to drinks, tiny food and – of course – some quality time with the PlayStation Vita, tongues are already wagging.

Word on the street is that Evolution are set to announce something big tonight, and we’ve got some reason to believe that it could relate to a new MotorStorm on Sony’s new portable platform. Paul Rustchynsky, one of Evolution’s game developers, has been dropping some big hints in his tweets about what he’s up to this evening. Here’s what he said just over an hour ago:


Everything is ready to go, just a few more hours to wait! And I’ll be making a special guest appearance… #vitaevent

Evolution, you’ll know, are the developers behind the widely acclaimed MotorStorm series, and after the third party success with Arctic Edge it’s hardly a leap of faith to assume that tonight we’ll be hearing about MotorStorm Vita.

We’ll let you know ASAP…

Update: it’s MotorStorm RC, detailed here.



  1. A bit surprised not to have heard about a Vita version of Motorstorm before now to be honest.

    • Yeah, same. I forgot about it actually

    • I should say it’s still great news too after that somewhat dreary first comment. Considering how awesome Motorstorm looked when I first played it, a Vita Motorstorm should be an excellent early barometer to what kind of quality we can expect from the device.
      Should be an excellent trailer and hopefully they have a variety of climates in the game rather than just sticking to one area like the previous games have.

  2. As long as its like the original on PS3 in 2007, my first PS3 game and I loved it but ever since then I just haven’t had that same feeling.

  3. Was a big fan on Motorstorm until the third. If it’s anything like the first or second then that is good to hear. I too, like others above, am surprised a vita version hasn’t been announced already!

  4. YAAAYYYY!! wait, hang on a minute. Is this going to be a real (i.e good) Motorstorm or another aptly-named Motorstorm Apocalypse?

    • I need to start reading comments before posting my own! There really isn’t a whole lot of love for the third game here is there?

      • people love it here :P I personally dislike the third

  5. Reall hope even doh they are radio car they can still make the game feel like a motorstorm game. Oh and love the buy 1 get both!!!

  6. That looks sweet Micro Machines FTW! it’s hard to see where else Motorstorm can go to next without getting rather wacky indeed. They need to do away with the stupid story for the next PS3 iteration.

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