Microsoft Claim ‘Phishing’ Is Cause Of Recent Hacks

Despite – and this is just an example – nine pages on GAF here and another five here suggesting the contrary, Microsoft have issued a statement that says – as far as they’re concerned – those getting ‘hacked’ are the unwitting recipients of ‘phishing’.

“The security of Xbox Live members is of the utmost importance,” says the statement, “which is why we consistently take measures to protect Xbox Live against ever-changing threats.”

[drop2]”In this case, a number of Xbox Live members appear to have recently been victim of malicious ‘phishing’ scams.”

The statement comes off the back of a front page The Sun story which suggested the same user liability is the reason.  The BBC is also drumming to the same beat, much to the chagrin of those affected.

Microsoft say they’re “working closely with affected members” and “warning people against opening unsolicited e-mails which may contain spyware and other malware.”

“Xbox Live customers who have any queries or concerns should contact Xbox Live customer service on 0800 587 1102,” concludes the statement, “or visit”

Naturally, reports from users suggest that they haven’t been phished.  We’ll continue to monitor this story and – unlike most of the press today – report both sides of the story.

Update: another thread on GAF here about the story – 15 pages this time.



  1. So are people actually losing money over this?

    • Let’s hope not but I would reckon one of the reasons they (the hackers) do it would be for credit card details.

    • This is the main thing I think, are the ‘victims’ loosing money and can it be proved that their details have been taken from Microsoft.

    • I had over £120 taken, I haven’t clicked any offers or revealed my password to anyone, and the Xbox Live password is UNIQUE to Xbox Live, I don’t play FIFA and don’t have a Hotmail account.

      Microsoft is covering this one up and blaming phishing. This is a REAL hack, and I hope they get dragged over the coals for doing so, as when Sony got hacked, they got a roasting for coming clean and telling us exactly what occurred (which in the end seemed very little, as I don’t know anyone that lost anything other than 10 minutes to change the password).

  2. ” We’ll continue to monitor this story and – unlike most of the press today – report both sides of the story.”

    Woah, you don’t need to be that arrogant..

    • That’s not arrogance.
      It’s not intended to be derogatory either, just commenting that most outlets are ignoring what users are saying and only reporting one side. Which is unfortunate.

      • Like your one sided PSN hack reporting? Just wonderin….

      • Somewhat old news now, but what did you find one sided about it?

    • considering yourself better than rags like the sun is arrogance?

      there’s cave mould that could justifiably consider itself better than the bloody sun.

    • I wouldn’t say it’s arrogant. Only telling one side of the story is arrogant (Sun & BBC)in your belief that what you have reported is correct.

  3. Something i found interesting from the BBC article;

    “This is the third instance of hacking to hit the gaming industry in as many months”

    Is it??

    • Steam and Sony I guess?

    • Sony was ages ago… could be Codemasters, there was a bit of a kerfuffle over that. To be fair, this kind of thing goes on constantly (and is constantly being redressed) but generally on a smaller scale so it doesn’t “become news”.

      • Yeah, that was kinda my thinking – I knew of a few things being ‘hit’, but nothing grandiose enough to make mainstream news, so i just wondered what they could have been referring to really.

      • I think that only data breaches above a certain size have to be legally reported so who knows how often it has happened.

  4. it’s funny how this is the one time they listen to what a company in the industry says.

  5. I don’t like BBc’s Watchdog program these days, but I wonder if they will pick up on it. Would be interesting to see what spin they put on it.

    • I doubt it…. and if it does it won’t get anywhere near the attention that the YLOD ‘scandal’ and the PSN hack did. Maybe they can get Iain Lee, self-proclaimed Xbox user to give as good a well-balanced and unbiased view as he did over YLOD?

    • they picked up on xbox problems with LIVE last week. Saying people getting banned for no reason, then telling them to buy new consoles. So I reckon they will. Watchdog (like everything these days) has gone down the pan. Its shit actually.

  6. Problem seems obvious to me.
    You log in with your hotmail details (this is your live account essentially) and give them out willy nilly to pretty much every forum, competition .. anything online really. Then proceed to use the same password as your hotmail when signing up to these competitions.
    You run across a rogue website and bam, your 360 account is compromised.

    • This is unfortunately the bane of single sign-on

  7. Ah, phishing… yes… *looks at wikipedia* oh, that’s what that is…

    • Don’t bother with wikipedia – Just click this link & give me all your details & all will be revealed! :)

  8. Microsoft said
    “warning people against opening unsolicited e-mails which may contain spyware and other malware.”

    LOL. Blaming one own self, epic.

    The reasion why XBox is being hack is because of spyware and other malware that I assume is runing on Windows. So who behind this insecure Windows again?

  9. As if MicroSoft would tell anyone they were hacked lol

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