Rayman 3 Getting The HD Treatment

Ubisoft has announced that Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc will be getting a HD release on LIVE and PSN.

Due out in spring 2012, the game will apparently provide 15–20 hours of gameplay, plus a wealth of extra content to unlock “including nine fun stand-alone mini-games, achievements and worldwide online leaderboards”.

Source: Destructoid



  1. Yuuuuus! I freaking love Rayman 3 – none of that 2D bollocks.

    • 2D bollocks? It’s the other way around, mate. :)

  2. I much prefer the 2D version, but it still could be fun.
    Love that it’s designated for PSN rather than retail.

  3. Cool, really loved this game :)

  4. I have it on PS2 still, its a awesome game… I’d love to play it all over again just on PS3 along with Jak… Zoe.. MGS.. damn.. its biting away at my library of PS2 classics >.<!!

  5. I can’t wait.

  6. Fantastic news! But I would of also liked a remake of 2…. could of been possible like.

  7. I’m glad they went back to the good old 2D times with Rayman Origins. I’d consider giving the 3D Raymans another try if they did a HD Remake pack of both, Rayman 2 and 3.

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