Sony Demonstrates Vita’s ‘Next Gen’ Augmented Reality

PS Vita’s Augmented Reality system looks like being above and beyond what the PSP and 3DS can do – ‘next generation’ indeed.

Check out the video below, which demos Flickball (nice candles) and some inventive use of the AR cards, some fireworks, cute little Portal-esque laser beams and a dodgy looking table-top diving thing that hopefully is – er – free.


That tank game looks incredible though.

We’ll have hands on with all this as soon as possible.



  1. :O x

    • I want an AR edition of Portal 2 NOW!!!

      • Couldn’t agree more, the demo with the laser beams instantly brought Portal to mind.

      • That was exactly what I was gunna say. If Valve don’t do an AR Portal they are nuts

  2. I can’t remember a console ever having the amount of support and functionality that the PS Vita does. If this console doesn’t keep the portable game console market alive then I will be astonished.

  3. I need on of these. Might see what deal I can get as part of a new phone contract.

  4. Saweeeet!

    That looks epic! Nice to see the Tank game make a return and the football and Portal ‘thing’ looked brilliant

    Hopefully we’ll get some cards with the system to show off the AG with some tech demos. Y’know, to make the grandparents go “Oooh”

  5. Some really good looking interactivity shown off there. Like the look of the football game, and I hope they do Tower Defense style game using AR as I think it could be good.

  6. That looks really good.

  7. Some of these look awesome :D

  8. I’m really looking forward to getting my Vita and seeing where Sony takes the handheld. Now seems that Sony’s general lack of interest for the PSP lately can be explained by them working hard to really create an amazing next gen handheld.

    Three months until we can get our hands on one!

    • My piggy bank’s getting fatter and fatter.

  9. Guys, Sony Blog have this info

    “Augmented Reality Markers
    Augmented Reality is one of the directions open to PlayStation Vita developers and it was announced that six Augmented Reality markers will be available at launch, with three games available to download for free from PlayStation Store. To see how these are going to be used, we saw this AR technology video:”

    Look like your wish to see those AR games for free is granted!

    • That’s nice!

      • I think it’s great. Can’t wait to see this in person tho I think moving cards while pointing the screen will be impossible!

        My nights money from next is going straight on my Vita!

  10. Wowerz!

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