WeView: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex was, absolutely undeniably, a classic title. It’s not perfect, but it’s one of those games that will seemingly stand as a title we look back on fondly forever, like Super Mario Bros. or Half-Life. Sadly, the same can’t really be said for the game’s successor, Deus Ex: Invisible War. That’s not to say it was necessarily bad, but the general consensus at the time was that it didn’t come close to the original.

It’s probably understandable then that it took seven years for the next Deus Ex title, in the form of Human Revolution, to come about; the question is was it worth the wait? Well we thought so, scoring it at 9/10 in our review. Although we were critical of the now seemingly infamous boss battles, we were keen to praise the level of replayability the game’s world and upgrade system allows for. Here’s a bit more of what we had to say about the game:

It’s obvious how much time Eidos Montreal has spent on Deus Ex: Human Revolution and behind the wonderful design is a solid game with a plot that will keep you guessing. This is a quality product in the same class as Dead Space 2 and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and I’m sure it will be in many of the 2011 awards lists.

We’ll have to wait and see if it makes our Game of the Year awards next month, but for now you can content yourself with having your say on the game.

Normally this would be where I’d direct you over to the forums to have your say, however we’re going to try something a little different this week. In the comments on yesterday’s FIFA 12 verdict Guyers94 suggested that we use the comments instead of the forums for you to share your opinion, and we’re going to try it out this week.

If you feel like letting your opinion on Deus Ex: Human Revolution be known simply write it out in the comments below. I won’t ignore anyone who feels like writing a long review, but remember that the general idea is for short, snappy views on the game.

Once you’ve written your opinion remember to include your verdict on the Buy ItBargain Bin ItRent ItAvoid It scale, and I’ll total everything up to get the communities verdict on the game. Finally, if you want your opinion included in the WeView Verdict post on Monday you need to have your opinion in by Sunday afternoon.



  1. I love this game. It has a great story, great side missions, the upgrade system is excellent and the gameplay is spot on!

    BUY IT!

  2. Great choice for weview, and good idea moving this to the comments section. I’ll be sure to write up my review later. Try to keep this pinned as one of the featured articles on the front page if you can to get more attention.

    • With Tony on this. Lovely to see the comments section being used and I feel more inclined to throw a review TSA’s way. Although, not on this one as I’ve not played it but know AG2297 and Nemesis thought it to be very, very good.

      • Stop what you are doing and buy it. You won’t regret it. :D

      • It’s on my list, fella. Just the small case of Uncharted 3 to finish and Skyrim to enjoy over Christmas. Oh, and Infamous 2 and… *staples more paper onto never-ending list of games to play* Dammit!

      • Oh, thanks for the reminder! *puts inFamous 2 on his list and makes a mental note about finishing inFamous 1…* :D

    • The only thing I liked about posting in the forums is that it links between the news and the forums, which otherwise remain quite separate. I think it’d be nice to link them a little more, I don’t use the forums much anyway though…

  3. Finally, we’re doing a WeView on my personal Game of the Year.
    I must admit I’ve never played any of the original Deus Ex games so I can’t say how they compare to those but everything about Deus Ex: Human Revolution made me want more of the same.
    The controls were great. They just felt right and the cover system should be a benchmark for other titles. After playing DE:HR, UC3’s cover system felt like two steps back.
    The story was great. It was gripping, well paced and was supported by good voice acting, which made it easy to immerse myself in the game. I personally think that DE:HR featured the most interesting story of a game this year. The game features multiple endings and some left me staring at the credits in awe, while goosebumps made their way across my body. Maybe it’s the fact that you can apply the moral questions of this game to todays situations that made this experiense so intense.
    The gameplay itself worked perfectly. It was very athmospheric and intense when you were trying to stay undetected and required some strategic thinking instead of the usual run and gun approach you get these days.
    Also a nice feature was the fact that you could approach problems in very different ways depending on which augmentations you enabled or upgraded.
    My only gripe with the game is that there is no Game+ mode that lets you keep your augmentation progress for a second playthrough but they wanted people to try out different approaches with every playthrough so it does make some sense. However, having the option would be nice.
    I don’t want to go into more details because we’re supposed to keep it short so the bottom line (tl;dr version) is:
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution features a great story backed up by great gameplay and tight controls. The soundtrack is definitely worth a listen and just adds to the athmosphere of the game.
    The game can be picked up dirt cheap nowdays and is well worth the money, considering the well above average length of the game plus the fact that you can play the game in very different ways with each new playthrough. I guess the tl;dr version isn’t that short either…
    Anyways, KeRaSh’s GotY 2011… BUY IT!

  4. Think i might not give a WeView on this one as although i own it (& have done for moths now), i still haven’t managed to get past the first ‘real’ objective yet… :S

  5. Played it, forced myself to complete then got rid instantly. Will probs pick it up again sometime.

    • You’ll probably pick up a game you had to force yourself to complete and got rid of instantly. Do you know how crazy that sounds? *makes cuckoo gesture* ;-)

      • Did it for the money with all the releases straight after it. Had to be quick to get the most back. Done the same with Uncharted 3, was gonna get rid of MW3 too but decided to keep it in the end. Doesnt depreciate that much.

      • What ever happened to enjoying a game hey!

      • Depends how you enjoy. Spend 20-30 hours in a week or do it over a month….its still 20-30 hours isnt it?

  6. Yep great idea to have feedback in the comments

    I loved this game as well, as mentioned the sound was great, the cover system, the multiple ways to play – all good, I even forked out the 8.99 for the DLC.

    The boss battles however I found a bit out of step with the game and could have been left out IMHO

    I suppose the true measure of a game for me is whether I get rid of it when I’ve finished it and DE:HR is still in my drawer even though I’ve moved on to ACR now. I may well go back to it to mop up the remaining trophies at a later date

    The price point of this game was also interesting to watch, it dropped pretty fast and is dirt cheap now – I’ve seen various theories around that this was because it has no multiplayer. Could be but my first instinct was to think the retailers were taking a low price high volume approach – any theories ?

  7. I absolutely adore this game, a real GOTY contender in my book – I want to make sweet, manly, robotic love to Mr Jensen and his indefatigably smart-mouthed ways.

    Choice. This, to me, is why this game is so great. They crafted a game that allows you to change the way you play completely, depending on your choices. The world is so utterly engrossing, offering perhaps the most distinctive and realistic cyberpunk world
    depicted in modern entertainment.

    This game is by no means perfect, but what it does well it does so well that it carries the rest of the game through to glory. Yes the boss fights are absolutely terrible, the games Achilles Heel, but Eidos Montreal didn’t even make them and I think they’ve learnt their lesson. The company that did make them? Bankrupt, probably. Bad-willed into Oblivion by the raging hordes (whores? ;) ) of the internet.

    The game succeeded in weaving choices into the game with such subtlety that it really takes two or three playthroughs for the full impact of what they’ve done to become apparent. It managed to completely ruin Uncharted 3 for me, such a linear and uncomplex game – both in terms of storytelling and gameplay – was just too immature to satisfy after taming the cybernetic beast that is Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    Also; I love lemon-lime ;)

    • Amen to that. You forgot to add your verdict. ;)

      • Oh, whoops – Buy It, Buy It Now!

        Thanks for the heads up.

  8. Fantastic game, with a world that it believable and realistic, and I can find myself slipping into it’s immersion every time I put it into my PS3. Buy it! Many times over!

  9. The style and coolness of the character/world is cool.

    *buys it (never did, but I want to try)

  10. Definitely my favourite game so far this year. Yes it has it’s little foibles (hilariously bad AI being the main one!) but I think the level of playability, involving (and often thought provoking) plot, setting and visual style far outstretch anything else I’ve played, it’s actually had the effect of making other games feel quite limiting by comparison!

    Certainly a worthy sucessor to the original Deus Ex in my opinion and one I would recommend to anyone looking for something more than chasing a cursor round the screen through a series of set pieces!

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