WeView: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex was, absolutely undeniably, a classic title. It’s not perfect, but it’s one of those games that will seemingly stand as a title we look back on fondly forever, like Super Mario Bros. or Half-Life. Sadly, the same can’t really be said for the game’s successor, Deus Ex: Invisible War. That’s not to say it was necessarily bad, but the general consensus at the time was that it didn’t come close to the original.

It’s probably understandable then that it took seven years for the next Deus Ex title, in the form of Human Revolution, to come about; the question is was it worth the wait? Well we thought so, scoring it at 9/10 in our review. Although we were critical of the now seemingly infamous boss battles, we were keen to praise the level of replayability the game’s world and upgrade system allows for. Here’s a bit more of what we had to say about the game:

It’s obvious how much time Eidos Montreal has spent on Deus Ex: Human Revolution and behind the wonderful design is a solid game with a plot that will keep you guessing. This is a quality product in the same class as Dead Space 2 and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and I’m sure it will be in many of the 2011 awards lists.

We’ll have to wait and see if it makes our Game of the Year awards next month, but for now you can content yourself with having your say on the game.

Normally this would be where I’d direct you over to the forums to have your say, however we’re going to try something a little different this week. In the comments on yesterday’s FIFA 12 verdict Guyers94 suggested that we use the comments instead of the forums for you to share your opinion, and we’re going to try it out this week.

If you feel like letting your opinion on Deus Ex: Human Revolution be known simply write it out in the comments below. I won’t ignore anyone who feels like writing a long review, but remember that the general idea is for short, snappy views on the game.

Once you’ve written your opinion remember to include your verdict on the Buy ItBargain Bin ItRent ItAvoid It scale, and I’ll total everything up to get the communities verdict on the game. Finally, if you want your opinion included in the WeView Verdict post on Monday you need to have your opinion in by Sunday afternoon.



  1. Colossal BUY IT from me, my personal GOTY. It has its flaws (curse you linear boss battles!), but DX:HR is one of those rare games where you need to actually think and play against by the environment to succeed, rather than be guided to the tools to advance as in many games today. Best of all, it had an actual philosophical impact, which actually made me question my decisions as I made them. All in all, a fantastic package, which wont be for everyone, but if you can stick with it, It will more than reward you for your efforts.

  2. As someone who has never played a Deus Ex game before, I went into this with an open mind and not knowing what I’ll get. The result? A fantastic game, full of choice and consequences, an intelligent plot and a sublime environment and atmosphere. The world is rich in detail, and all locales are a visual treat. The near future setting is also boosted by the fact that you think ‘The world could be like this sooner then we think’.

    The gameplay is sublime, with total freedom. Go in all guns blazing? Do it. Stealth your way around, crawling through vents, hacking and knocking out foes. Thats possible too. Now, the infamous boss fights. The boss fights stop all freedom of play, which is really the only true downside to this game, but I personally enjoyed them, and in a way they reminded me of MGS. The visuals are great, whilst no revolution, and I think the soundtrack deserves a special mention as in my opinion it’s one of the best gaming soundtracks ever.

    All in all, this is up there as one of my personal GOTY’s. Buy it, definitely.

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