Ridge Racer Vita: Bare Bones Is Being Kind

In news that wouldn’t shock the world’s most easily shocked man if he wasn’t even expecting it, Namco’s Ridge Racer for Vita, already on the naughty step for the 30fps frame rate, is about as bare bones as you can get.

It’s not pleasant reading: three courses (Harborline 765, Highland Cliffs and Southbay Docks) and five cars, the rest of the game coming as DLC down the line. And if you think it’s going to be free DLC you don’t know Namco of late.


Quite frankly piddle poor, this gratuitous display of apathy might come with a ‘budget’ price but it hardly helps the image of a company well known for firing out half a game and charging for the rest – the iPhone version was similar, albeit at a fraction of the price.

At four thousand Yen, this is – at best – a wee bit cheeky. Two steps forward, ten back…

Source: AndriaSang.



  1. Ridiculous

    • Katamari doesn’t have tilt control either. Rushed or what?!

      • WTF?

        I was initially disappointed that Motorstorm RC DLC was being floated so far ahead of the game’s release but this & that take the biscuit.

      • Katamari doesn’t have tilt control? That sucks. I am not the biggest fan of tilt control on my iPad. With a case on, it just feels bulky. I was looking forward to giving it a go with Vita. And Katamari would have been my first choice to test it. Definitely rushed.

      • Maybe Sony is rushing the developers. If Vita has a larger selection at launch, they can taunt Nintendo. That was one of the biggest complaints about the 3DS.

  2. Any more than £10 for this is a waste of your money.

  3. 4000 Yen is £33? Holy sh!t!!!!
    Won’t be buying this lol

    • Haha… jesus, whats happening

      • I don’t think Jesus is part of Namcos decision making process – Although it sounds like they need to pray for this to be a success now!!

  4. No way! that’s just ridiculous, I’d likely would’ve got Ridge Racer but I never realized it was like that!

    What happened in Namco?!

  5. Wow

  6. What just when I thought this was the revange for the Ridge Racer serie…=#!?(¤?!=(?!)/%)!?( Thanks alot Namco….

  7. I feel sorry for those buying it unknowingly… That really is god awful

  8. Utterly pathetic. Ridge Racer was one of only a few games I was interested in too. Kick in the teeth to my potential Vita purchase.

  9. I loved Ridge Racer 5, that game was so cool and advanced for it’s time. This however shouldn’t be allowed to sell on the system, I think I dislike them more as a company now then Activision for just this, because this is wrong on so many levels.

  10. Looks like Ridge Racer is off my list. Shame I really like Ridge Racer on PSP.

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