Sony PS3 3D TV Delayed in Europe

3D gaming is the future (probably). The PS3 is one such console that has the capability to display in 3D, but Sony seem to be doing a terrible job of promoting it as it has emerged that their 3D PS3 compatible display has been delayed in Europe.

The display, announced at E3, was originally due out in autumn in both Europe and the U.S. and while it released across the pond earlier this month without any hitches, it still hasn’t seen the light of day over here.


The Simul-view 3D TV, designed to offer cheaper access to 3D technology, retails for $500 in the US.

We’ve reached out to Sony for comment, but they were unable to provide an updated release date, or explain the reason for the delay.



  1. I would in no way say they are doing a terrible job at promoting it. They have a huge range of 3D tvs on the market, pushing 3D in most of not all first party games, as well as a good amount of support in 3rd party titles. The fact that this tv even exists is them doing a good job. Just because it’s delayed in one territory doesn’t mean they are doing a terrible job.

    Anyway, disappointing news. was thinking of picking one up for my room. Although where I’m getting this money from, I don’t know :P

    • I meant terrible in the nicest possible way =P

    • They’re not doing a terrible job but they have their work cut-out as people simply aren’t flocking to it the way they wanted. The majority of folk still have no real desire to pick up a 3DTV.

      • no, I don’t either. Can’t see any point in it. It isn’t that great to look at and glasses/films cost a fortune. Plus you have to buy a new tv. I still think 3d will fade out again.

      • I am interested when the price is right. Question: If a non 3D tv and a 3d tv cost the same, which would you get.

      • Ahhh, but that’s more a stigmatism with the tech and idea itself, rather than Sony’s promotion of it.

      • Dimpoc, that’s a retarded question. Who wouldn’t choose one extra feature for the same price? I think what you’re trying to say is “Where draw the line between 3DTV and normal TV pricing?” I’m going to go for £50 difference.

      • i read somewhere that it was only a $100 chip that made a 1080p LCD into a 3D TV anyway, so the prices will match up soon. Everyone will have a 3D TV, with or with out the content. Just like people have HD tv’s running SD freeview?!?! Whats the point… none, just that you cant get none HD tv’s now. same will happen with 3D. This time next year, 3D 50″ will be around £800. 42″ around £500. At that point, Sky will push out a sport 3d channel, movie one and probably a documentary one. So that will be a start. IMO its as far as it needs to go. You don’t need to see the news or soaps in 3D, just special events

  2. I wonder if that $500 price tag will equate to a reasonable price in the UK. 3D TV prices have been dropping rapidly and Sony will need to price it correctly to make an impact, but the fact that it is a PS3 compatible one has it’s advantages. I wonder if it will have the PS branding on it?

  3. I don’t think Sony seem to promote any “accessories” that I’ve seen, so wonder if they’ll be any advertising for the TV itself. You can’t buy the official vertical stand anywhere in the UK (which is pictured in all the PS3 Slim posters that were released for the recent price drop). And there is a new mic/headset out, as well as the PlayStation branded 7.1 surround sound wirelss headset, which is awesome by the way!

    • oooohhh official sony wireless headset, mmmm google shopping it now!

      • I got it for £69.99 imported (from I think) however GAME have it for £89.99, so I’m happy! :)

        Imported accessories are no different luckily. The build quality on the mic isn’t great, but I just use it for the sound – very useful for MW3 and BF3. Plus, any other 7.1 wireless headset starts about £100+, and it’s made by Sony.

      • I sold my soul to Sony along time ago, so this will be added to the x-mas list…read list of hints to the wife for things to get me and if she doesn’t I’ll end up buying them for myself!

      • I know what you mean, I’m a bit of a Sony whore when it comes to products!! :)

    • No way, is the headset out? The media has been as much as mute on that one

      • meant to come out on the 25th November over here I think.

      • Yep, Bilbo is correct – on 25th over here.

        Had mine for a month of so now, a little after the 3.71 system update I think, as this included updates to enable the headset to work or something.

        That’s what I mean, surprised they don’t push any of their official products. £17.00 cheaper than GAME here, although as I said mine were imported, not that there is any difference.

  4. That sucks, I really want one of those. Amazon is listing at £409.. reasonable

    • That’s not a bad price actually, and I think it comes with a game. Originally it was Resistance 3, but that changed to MotorStorm Apocalypse.

      • Oh, they changed the game? Ok.

        Tbh, I think the screen’s too small. I have a 32″ atm and the downsize would be too much of a shock to the system ;)

      • Yeah, not sure why the change. Perhaps not to prohibit Resitance 3 sales at the time, and MotorStorm had already been out a while, although it’s been delayed over here now anyway.

    • I got a Samsung 46ins a while ago for just over £500 from Pixmania. I just kept checking the web for bargains.
      GT5 & MSA are great in 3D.

  5. Joe Dart? Well, nice to meet you.

  6. i dont think 3D is the way forward not at all. i think we need to perfect HD before we move on anywhere else we still need to be seeing OLED HD TV’s around at a reasonable price, i suppose if all these 3D tv’s are pushing down the prices of normal ones go for it but i wont buy one.

  7. Think ill wait for Sony’s Tron like 3D headset for my 3D fix, it sounds a great deal more bang for your buck than the tv.

  8. Sony? Delay release of one of their products in Europe? That’s just crazy talk!

  9. I am disappointed in Sony, with their attitude towards the European market. Considering it is (at least) their second highest grossing territory if not the first right now. But then again for the price they were wanting to charge I will save a little more and buy a 40-50″ 3D screen and get it sooner.

    But this delay is expected however.

    In other news my friend out in Japan has bought it and he really recommends it to anyone wanting a smaller 3D screen.

  10. You are all arguing over points that aren’t of concern to the topic which we should be discussing. The fact that the Sony PS3 3D display has been delayed.

    Yes we know Sony are pioneering 3D tech. But the actual current marketable tech, costs more than their rivals.

    The topic that we should be discussing, is why have Sony delayed the European release of this particular tech.

    They have a stronger market in Europe than they do in the US. Especailly with their Sony PS3. So why do they ignore the European market in favour of the yanks who have always preferred non-Japanese tech.

    Not only are they ignoring us, they aren’t giving us a legitimate reason for the delay.

    I would like to go off subject now and question why Sony are going to charge the European market more for this little Gem of a 3D TV, than (again) the US. $500 US, which converts to (approx) £320 Sterling. But in the UK, are listing it for pre-order at £450.00. £130 MORE FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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