Unit 13 Gets Announcement Trailer

Following yesterday’s surprise announcement, Sony has released a debut trailer for the upcoming Zipper Interactive third person shooter, Unit 13.

Exclusive to the PlayStation Vita, the game borrows heavily from Zipper’s previous work on the SOCOM franchise which has seen recent iterations for both the PlayStation 3 and PSP. This newest project makes use of the new handheld’s connectivity feature set.


For more information be sure to check out our preview which went live this morning.



  1. cocky marksman in the video – says “target neutralised” before shooting.

  2. Oooh! A Warehouse! Orginal!

  3. Erm, how exciting! Yeah… *sleeps*.

  4. another shooter that subscribes to the belief that women don’t know how to handle guns. >_<

    anyway, that wasn't John DiMaggio was it?
    sounded like him.

    the vita is the first handheld that can really do justice to third and first persons shooters thanks to it's dual sticks.

    the ds with the touchscreen doesn't work that well, the psp with one analog control doesn't work that well, and an ipod touch is just awful for them, maybe an ipad would be better though.

    this doesn't look too bad.

    it'll be a while before i get a vita though so the sequel might even be on it's way by then.

    • If that was John DiMaggio (Bender from Futurama for those in the dark) this game just jumped up the list.

      What we see in the trailer wasn’t anything original. But from Zipper saying there was 36 levels and there being four characters, I assume we are looking at four story lines. That is pretty cool imo.

      Also, what Zipper is doing is original for a handheld. The graphics looked good and the online features best anything Nintendo is offering.

      I, like you, won’t be getting a Vita out of the gate as I am sure a newer/better model will be out within a year. But I would consider giving this game a try from what I saw.

  5. Where does it say women can’t handle guns?

    It does however reflect the reality that it’s mostly men that are engaging in armed conflicts. Probably because women are smarter, or less prone to testosterone poisoning ;)

    And while I never really bothered with shooters on the PSP i will probably get one for vita, because of the dual sticks. Going to wait for reviews first though.

  6. Hazelam, Bladesteel:

    Can we stop with the sexist comments, please? their not helping anyone.

    the game has no females because it has no females (as far as i know) thats it.
    their is no deeper meaning.

    perhaps Zipper is just used to making male figures and so they went with that.
    or maybe they would be backlash if they added a female character (as females are usually seen as innocent, so someone would be pissed if one got shot)

    i doubt that of course as female characters have existed in games for years and i dont know of many complains about the ability to hurt them (just like you would a male or magical character)

    would i like to see a female playable character in this game?
    Not really because i am a male and i prefer playing as my own gender (it just seems to fit)
    in that sense, sure they could make your gender optional (again, we know almost nothing about this game) but is it really that important?

    from my point of view this game is about shooting things.
    not your gender, race of sexual preference.

    this game is plain and simply just another shooter.
    it could be a very enjoyable shooter (especially for the Vita) but it is still pretty generic.

    would i complain if the main character was female?
    not at all.

    ive played as female characters before (final fantasy 13 for example, i had so much fun with Lighting’s character that i made her my default) and not once did i think it was wrong.
    its a game, gender is irrelevant (unless its very story driven in which case you would want to see some more diverse characters, but does this look like a story driven game to you?)

    hell some people complained about StarHawk because the main character was black.
    did i complain? NO!

    sure im not black, but ill have no problem whatsoever playing as a character who is black (just like im fine with playing as female characters despite being male)

    some times we have a right to complain, but this is not one of those times.

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