Happily Ever After Launches On iPad

Honeyslug, the British developer behind artsy bitesize platformer Poto & Cabenga and the fantastic PS Minis title Kahoots, has launched a new game this week for the iPad. Happily Ever After is an adventure puzzle game staged across 24 levels with 100 puzzles to boot not to mention 5 unlockable endings and a number of time attack mini-games.

When a problem page blogger starts to receive a series of weird and puzzling requests for help, they track down the source and go to investigate, only to end up in the Kingdom of Unbelievaville! Stuck there, their only means of escaping being turned into a doornob by the evil queen, is to help out the local inhabitants who are familiar characters with very unfamiliar problems!

Available on the App Store for £2.99, Happily Ever After will also be launching on the PC and Mac at a later date for £9.99.



  1. I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel a lot of TSA articles really need a screenshot or two. I catch myself feeling very ambivalent to games I simply cannot see. I know it’s more effort but I feel the “return” on said articles would be far higher.

    Sorry to sound like a miserable-whinge-bag-tosspot-of-doom. :-)

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